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Recovery and Finally First Quarter Report

Hello, all you Flips out there in the world!

It seems like it's been a while. It's safe to say that my neuroses have, finally,  come to a pause. I'm not sure when it'll come back, but I'm pretty sure it will. 

I've always had this thing. The earliest episode I could remember was back in college. I stayed in bed for a whole week, under the sheets, playing video games. Friends would bring me food. Sometimes I'd get up to eat and get back to bed immediately after. I missed my classes and eventually failed most of them. The nicer teachers forced-drop me in pity. But I was still dismissed from the university. A couple of months later I was up and appealing to the Dean for re-admission.

It has become a regular occurrence now. Not a year passes when I get these episodes. I did learn to ride it out without suffering my job and my duties. My social life, not so safe though. I don't know how my friends from back knew when to give me space. I guess it's more because we spend so much time together anyway, when one doesn't want to go out, it doesn't become a big deal. Birthday or not. But here in the Bay Area, it's hella different. I only see friends on special occasions, and bipolar or not, one is expected to put on a mask and come out. I assume though that if people couldn't recognize my mental discord from the surface, maybe it's not worth the pressure.

It'd be easier if nasty intrusive thoughts would leave me alone. 

April is almost at its end, and we're nearing the midpoint of this year. I've yet to complete any project or come out with proof that I could be consistent.

On the other hand, I am happy to announce the FIRST QUARTER GOALS which I have achieved:


I had my A1c test mid-April, and it showed that my first quarter routine had been, in fact, effective.  My estimated glucose level has gone down from 140/6.5 in January to 117/5.7 (In March 2015 I was diagnosed with 166/7.4). Now, I just have to keep it like that, or better, for the next six months. The secret?
  • High protein diet for breakfast and lunch, no carbs. 
  • Only Yogurt for dinner. 
  • Genmai-cha (tea) before sleeping.
  • Rice meals only twice a week.
  • The occasional dessert as a reward.  
  • And a crippling depression, is all it took.


I did finish a storyboard for an animation short. But I still cannot talk about the project as of yet. So let's leave it at that.


I did finish five chapters. Although it's not for the projects that I've already mentioned. So like the animation projects, can't talk about it. I'm in the middle of re-writing the five chapters for a more compelling narrative. If it works, well I won't be able to keep it to myself. So you'd be the first to know.

There were two goals I wasn't able to achieve, like finish reading one book a month (I'm a slow reader). It took me two months to finish Frankenstein, and I haven't started on anything after that. The other one is a goal I've crossed out from the list because it's lame and uncreative. Not to mention, my priorities have changed a bit.

I hope I've maxed out my bipolar episode this year. I've been reading up on it and trying to find better ways to deal with it. And hopefully next week I would be here again telling you things about me and what I have done with my life so far.

Ciao-ciao, all you flips in the world!
'Till next time.

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