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The Seven-Day Writing Chain (Achievement Unlocked)

Since I started writing regularly again back in 2014, I've been hung up on my word count achievement and trying to hit 500 words a day to the point of suffocating distress. Sure writing 500 words a day doesn't seem too much of a burden, but the act of chasing something daily also resulted in a daily dose of disappointment. Eventually, these miscalculations turned into a day-to-day obsession on self-pity, which then turned into periodic bouts of depression. Before long, I ended up losing all motivation to write, and no scheme or incentive could bring me back to writing even one word.

A few weeks ago, I had talked about setting myself free and said, "F#CK IT!" to 500-word-goal every day. I had initially planned only to forgo this restriction in writing my blogs, but continue to chase the target for my other projects, such as the novella I'm currently writing (which seems to be turning into a full blown novel, but it's too early to tell). So I started recording my word count output on my planner. I know, I promised to stop obsessing about my planner, but this one had been thoroughly compelling. I suspect it's because I'm aging, but could be because I'm way past the 60-day habit forming curb. However, I digress.

Last night, before going to sleep and forgetting to write this blog, I realized that HEY! I'VE WRITTEN EVERYDAY FOR A WHOLE STRAIGHT WEEK! It doesn't matter if I'm not hitting my word goal. I'm frigging writing every day!

Seriously, it has never happened before. I have never had a seven-day combo, let alone eight. Counting this blog, I'm on my ninth day of the chain. As a completist, this very much satisfies my neurosis. At least, one of them. 

I was so overjoyed that I had changed my blog topic for today. I was supposed to talk about my newly adopted plottings styles (yes it's plural because they're an amalgam of, like, seven different ones), but I pantsied (-sered? pantsed?) this one just to talk about my nine-day-combo. 

I feel relieved and endowed, and hopeful that this would encourage some of my friends who had been putting off their writing aside to just go for it. Girls! If I can do it, so can you. [Do I have straight male friends writing anything for yourselves? I can't tell for certain hence the gender identifier. But if there are, you go boy!] 

Next week, I hope I could share my new plotting style and hopefully in a month (no promises) we could talk about that thing I'm presently writing. I just can't share it right now because it's sensitive material. That, and I'm hopelessly superstitious. If I tell you a summary or even just a logline, it might break my writing chain. Or me—it could break me.

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