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Priorities And How They Arrange Themselves

First of all, happy International Women's Day! 

Secondly, I have no excuse. I got hella lazy on a Tuesday. And today, I had a tremendous amount of work to do. Sorry for the lateness of this entry.

In my defense, I wrote every day for two weeks straight, even when I got sick last Friday. Naturally, my bedroom/office would turn into a crappy cave of mess which I had to clean because I was running out of floor space. I could not discern where to plant my feet without stepping on a mine (dirty clothes) or a tank (shipping boxes).

Unlike my past year(s), I didn't feel guilty watching Netflix all day while I folded my laundry. Sure, folding my socks neatly and storing it according to the KonMari method wasn't exactly my priority, but it had to be done. At some point.

Writing a fraction of the book every day had a huge cost, though, to be honest. And that's where the priorities started to re-arrange themselves.

I have not gamed. And I used to be a huge console gamer. Since my Playstation 3 came apart, I have not even considered buying a new console. Sure I've been visiting Game Stop quite frequently just to ogle the refurbished and second-hand systems, but that's the extent of what I could do. Nice to be poor, it sets your priorities in a more narrower path.

I've been bitching about it for quite some time now, and in this instance, it's pretty relevant, but I (still) have not seen anything Arashi has done for the past ... I don't even remember anymore. I terribly miss my boys. Even though they're the top tier goal, I had to put them all on the back burner, because it's not yet time to throw them in the mix.

I have significantly reduced my TV time and fixed quite many limitations to it. I could only watch our weekly sitcoms on a day off, and only when I'm done with my writing sprint. I only have nine shows, and some of them seem to be on eternal hiatus. While having breakfast, I would watch the last night's Late Night Show episodes, and only their opening monologues, because they're funny and that's where I get my news. I would only watch CW shows during my lunch break on my phone, and only the superhero shows because I can't live without DC. I'm only following two supernatural shows now, and they are, well, Supernatural... and Sleepy Hollow.

If you have not noticed, I haven't posted anything on almost any social networking sites. Not Facebook, not Instagram, not Mokona's Instagram. Sure, sometimes I will tweet some instant reaction, or I will Snapchat/IG story an activity, but that barely takes up time at all.

Now the consequence here is, what happens to my social life? It's red. Definitely red. Like, dangerously red. I don't know what's going on with my friends and there's nothing (yet) I could tell my friends about me. I could certainly feel some people grow colder every day. And, believe it or not, I see other people's relationship bar with me turn very gray. Yes. I'm still referencing The Sims. That's how behind I am with the times.

I hope these sacrifices pay off. Wish me luck then.

I just thought it was cool to add this picture.

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