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Priorities And How They Arrange Themselves PART 2!

While I was reading back yesterday's blog, I felt like it lacked any sense of quality. Even with my overbearing pride, I have to agree that it was completely devoid of substance. Thus, I'm here once again sharing my thoughts for the next thirty minutes. 

Admittedly, I half-assed that one. I came from a full day's work, so half my mind was already used up. I was pressured to turn in something, and all I could think of is, "Hey I need to hit my word quota because it's a Wednesday and #WriterWednesday is only applicable on a Wednesday." Not to mention, I seem to be procrastinating from starting a particular chapter. See, I'm at that part where the Main Character (MC) would be meeting her Love Interest (LI). I'm torn between two dispositions as a writer— "The chapter is too drawn out and needs cutting down now," and, "The chapter is too short and dull, it needs more padding." I know writers would understand, and those of you who don't, well... shut up!  

What I really wanted to say yesterday was that Priorities in life seem to rank themselves according to importance on their own. You shake your life up, and they re-arrange themselves to accommodate your lifestyle. Sure, I have not been fangirling or geeking out much, but I have been productive, and that's what's important right now. I'm no longer a child with under-developed frontal lobes. It's about frigging time. (Though, to be honest, sometimes I doubt my frontal lobes have developed. Could it be a case of alternative facts? Surely it applies to my mother. LOL). 

A powerful example of my priorities repositioning themselves is my fangirl activities. I am undeniably missing my boys, but I have to confess, I have not been yearning to see them. There was a time when I could not live a day without checking on Kpop or Jpop, heck even Cpop. But nowadays, I can even go a week without watching TV. Maybe my frontal lobes have, indeed, fully developed, which may have triggered the priority re-shelving turn. Whatever it is, it brought about my hyper-awareness, and I have acknowledged this change.

That said, I'm making another set of changes in my life and branding. Instead of WRITER, FANGIRL, GEEK, FREAK — it is now going to be WRITER ° GEEK ° FILMMAKER ° FLIP.

Because that's who I am, who I'm supposed to be. See you next week when I have more sense or more things to report. Which, hopefully, would be something incredible or at least mildly impressive. Like a storyboard or mood board, or the beginnings of an animated movie. 

[For those who don't know, the FLIP part pertains to my being a Filipino. I know it's derogatory to call Filipinos "Flip," but I'd rather use and empower it rather than give it power as an insult. Besides, it's a perfect replacement for "freak, " and it more or less represents my kooky side too.]

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