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Learn Something Without Spending A Cent Or Studying

Before anything — 

I didn't want to write anything about Valentines because ... I know nothing about Valentines. But I did write about it once. If you want to read and have a laugh about it, you can find it here ---> Valentines in Strange Waters. Now on to whatever inanity I have in mind.
I recently found a Natalie Portman quote saying — “I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.”

Picture, obviously, is from
This resonated with me quite strongly. I’ve always had average grades and average test results. When a teacher called me for a recitation, I ended up giving the wrong answer, or at the very least a confused one. One of my high school teachers actually howled during a lecture, “Before you aim for the country’s top university, make sure you’re going to graduate first.” I was the only one in the entire classroom saying I’m going to the University of the Philippines, so I was sure she was talking about me. Then National SAT scores came out, and although I didn’t get perfect scores, I did get the highest in our school’s roster. I also got into the university of my choice, albeit not the campus I wanted. So I knew I was smart. I just didn’t give a f*ck about studying. This bad habit, of course, continued to the fulfillment of my bachelor’s degree. Completed it with average grades.

Now that I’m at this age where achievements are tallied, I’m persuaded to take up a master’s degree, or maybe a second bachelor’s degree, or at the very least a certification on something. While everyone is starting a family, business, or some semblance of life — I am stuck in perpetual stagnation. It’s so boring, my life is, it’s redundantly dormant.

But what can one do if one doesn’t have enough funds or budget to get some schooling? I work full time mostly because, like everybody else, I have a family to support. Also, average grades make average person, makes average pay. I could get a loan. But that isn’t really recommended. Student loans. LOL.

For some reason, after watching live reactions on YouTube (mostly new One Piece chapters), I found myself clicking on College Info Geek’s YT channel. Then Improvement Pill’s. Then Practical Psychology. Then TED. Then TED-Ed. Dude, I couldn’t list down all the YT channels I’ve been subscribing and watching these days.

I’m learning. A LOT. With every 5-10 minute course, I learned more than most of the classes I took up from any school I’ve been in (no offense meant to my instructors, teachers, professors, and mentors). YouTube just speaks my language. Dekya language.

On YouTube, every lecture and lessons are accompanied by animated presentation — whether they’re a hand drawing in fast-forward, or a computer’s screen captured and recorded. Some use a lot of pop culture pictures and movie screenshots. And let’s not forget, some of them have an extremely eye-candy host to swoon at.

YouTube has a diversity rich selection of subjects and courses — from building an Ikea shelf to frigging Theoretical Physics. You want to know what Sheldon Cooper does for a living. Go to YouTube University. LOL. That’s a label I picked up from a Pinoy indie movie. Can’t even remember what the movie was, but the name just stuck with me.

Because it’s true.

Right now, I’m learning how to be a more charismatic person. We all know I’m an annoying B if you’ve seen one. I’m socially awkward and clingy, paranoid, and neurotic in so many ways. I’m starting to think that my charisma points had fallen off to the negative. But, I’m learning how to be lovable like James Corden.
I’ve been practicing on giving out non-creepy compliments to my customers every day. Still working on it.
Or how to be charmingly funny with self-deprecating humor. 
If I’m going to be insecure, might as well use that as my signature flavor.

I’m also learning about analyzing literature.
It helps with [overthinking of] my writing. Also, I did not look at Dune the way he did, man. I feel so dumb.

Then there’s filmmaking. For the past few days, I’ve been obsessing about framing and composition, and I’m telling you — I think I wasted my cinematography class because I didn’t jack shit learn anything from it compared to what I learned here.

I’m so glad I’m alive while the internet went kaboom and gave us all these avenues for learning — YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, TV Tropes, every blogger on the planet, hey, and even Pinterest. If you don’t have money, but you love learning, go to YouTube. Search for something you want to learn. These short 5-minute courses explain a lot more than an hour and a half staring at a blackboard trying to figure out the scribbles on it.

The only sad thing about this is that we don’t get no certificates for these shits. Sad. So very sad. 

And now ... a screenwriting lesson.


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