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How to Eliminate Pressure and Achieve More

I got home at about 7 P.M. Could have gotten home earlier, but a friend dropped by work, and I’m not so rude as to tell her, “sorry can’t socialize, it’s writing time.” Still, I felt like JK Rowling was scowling at me as I failed to be "ruthless about protecting [my] writing days," three days in a row.

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I spent thirty minutes thinking of what I should be writing about. My planner has a page of blog topics, but none of them seemed to resonate with me at that moment. Some of them need more research, while most of them are things I shouldn’t even be talking about.

By 7:30 P.M., slightly pressured by time, I decided I would talk about PRIORITIZATION. It’s something I’ve been struggling, wrestling, and losing for most of my life, and I thought maybe if I wrote about it I would understand it better. I spent another 30 minutes trying to come up with the perfect thesis statement. What was it about priorities that I wanted to write about? I came up with an half-assed statement that sounded so profound but didn’t really mean anything. It sounded pretentious, so I thought it was good enough.

I spent 15 minutes writing an outline. I wrote it down fast, almost as if I were just urinating words. When I reached the end part, I felt something was off and I couldn’t find the conclusion that connected the entire discussion to the thesis statement. By this time, it was already past 8:30 P.M. and the time pressure was getting to me. So I thought -- screw it, I’ll come up with a conclusion after writing the body.

45 minutes and 398 words later, I have deviated so far away from my outline, GPS satellite couldn’t find me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the 398 words made a lot of sense, I just didn’t know where it was going anymore.

In frustration, I looked up and saw the notes for my current project. I thought, what the hell am I doing? Why am I writing about priorities when I should be writing MY PRIORITY. I’m always so hung up with having at least 500 words for a blog entry, I have yet to put down one for my narratives.

So I’m going to end this blog here at 418 words which I wrote in 30 minutes. Because this blog is my “herbie” and I need to lighten my load.

Boy, do I feel 10x lighter.

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