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Winter Rain

The past weeks have been completely numbing cold. Not like snowing cold. Not yet at least. But the combination of rain and North California climate makes it a tad unbearable. I’ve gone back to wearing fleece-lined tights under my jeans. I've had to triple-layer long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, and a leather jacket. It’s crazy.

Though it‘s toasty at home with the heater on, once we go to sleep and turn them off the cold creeps up on us. Freezes our butts, and every joint, muscle, and ligament along with it. There was a full week when I had the worst stiff neck and couldn’t turn my neck anywhere. I was like 90s Batman. I almost got into an accident because I couldn’t turn and check my blind side. Thankfully it all turned out alright. Pain's gone, and I get to live more days.

But the pains from that stiff neck kept me from doing anything productive. After finishing the new Amberlee outline, typing with a basically broken neck was impossible. Seriously, dude! EVERY MOVEMENT HURT. That was also the reason why I had to skip the blog for two weeks.

Then all these other distractions seem to like pitching a tent in my brain when I’m thinking about writing. Mokona’s Instagram account. The planners and designing my owns stickers for it. And then there’s this new project I have in mind about doing video blogs reporting my progress or saving my sanity. Whichever presents itself first.

But with the holiday hours at work, it’s inherently impossible to fit in my overly crowded schedule. We are now officially open from 8 am, and close after 11. By the time I get home, I ‘m too tired and too lazy to do anything else. In fact, my blood sugar's [probably] at an all-time high because I haven’t done any yoga, running, walking, or even the slightest stretch for the past month. My routine has been in the crapper since I came back from my vacation. I’m not making excuses. I just recognize my fault.

But it won’t be long now. We’re almost at the last leg of the holiday season. Two more weeks of these brutal hours. And then work hours will go back to normal.  Hopefully, so does my life.

And then I’ll have to choose which of my mini projects I should give up completely, to make room for more important endeavors. The planner should help in planning things. It shouldn’t be a distraction. Enough with the stickers and the post-its. Start planning and mapping. Set the goals ahead of time. Set dates with finality and urgency. Every quarter, then every two months, then every month. When things are flowing smoothly then maybe I’d be able to do it full time. Or maybe my Patreon will be justified.

Maybe there should be a penalty for when I don’t achieve things. But then taking Arashi away won’t cut it out anymore. And nobody’s around to enforce it anyhow.

I have to get back to my routine and yield my brilliance to the world. The short movies. The music videos. The light novels. And my photography.

Luck is just a series of right choice. It’s time to push the domino into effect.

By the way, I have created my portfolio here at Hope you like what I've got there so far.

562 edited words in less than 1 hour.
Writing blind is still the fastest way to vomit words.
Also, would you believe it, I actually stuck to my outline.
Still doesn't make sense though.

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