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Working Really Hard

Sooooooo ... At over 2000 word, I'm still far from finishing the short story. At this point, I'm not even sure if it's still a short story. But as promised, finished or not finished, I have uploaded a horror short story.

Amber Lee is a story about an American woman who adopts the baby left at her door steps. But, she doesn't know where she's from or even the baby's ethnicity. She suspects the baby belonged to her neighbor who was brutally murdered ... the day after she found the baby. Six years later, the child falls ill. While in the hospital, a series of unexplainable deaths take place. All the victims are pregnant women and the babies inside of them.

You can read them over at Wattpad

That said, I have to admit, I kinda suck at writing down Synopses. So please give it a chance. The first two parts are up. I’ll try to publish 500-word-parts everyday until it's done. That way, it’ll give me more time to push the pen. I kinda got stuck on the medical details. And at some point, I got stuck with the child protective services angle. Both of which I've decided to let go, just earlier today. My original overly complicated outline had it. So I had to redo my outline today using a simple 12-bullet-point outline. One I've always been most comfortable with— flexible and, best of all, doesn't encourage me to overthink it — but reject because my teachers told me I'm not doing it right. Ah Ewan!

Now, about the title— I have to admit, as well, I suck at choosing titles. As evidenced by my blog entries. Like my name, Amber Lee is a temporary title (yes, I still haven't decided on my stage name). Maybe at the end of it, I’ll be able to come up with a better title. For now, let’s work with Amber Lee.

Surprisingly, as I was trying out hashtags, I found a Wattpad author named Amberlee. Actually, there were a handful of them, but there was this one Amberlee who wrote a lot of macabre and gothic romance.

I should follow her. Maybe, I would.

Until next.

X.s. I won't be on social media as much. It's the season of writing, and dressed Turkey, and cranberries, and ham. Tsk extended mall hours too. Maybe this is why my shoulders are hurting.

375 words in 30mins. I was aiming for 250.
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