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Plots Within Plans Within Planners

It's already half past 6pm where I am. I don't think I'll be able to publish this update before seven.

I admit, it's all my fault. I should have done this yesterday. But what did I do? I went around town shopping for a planner. Back in Asia, everybody's collecting stickers to get a planner. Me? I'm trying to get a planner for my sticker collection.

I now have to remind myself not to obsess over these planner thingies.

I'm currently using an ordinary notebook -- wrote dates and borders on it, and called it bullet journal. In truth, it's the bullet journal, scrapbook, and weekly planner's love child.

To be honest, I think I'm just sticker happy. Well, what could you expect from an Eheads Fangurl. LOL.

Anyways, since you last heard from me, I've been plotting and re-plotting (is that a word?) Amberlee. And even at a snail-pace, it seems to be going well. I really do think so.

That's how I plot. I'm infatuated with the maneuverability of post-its. I also love to color coordinate. I know it's kinda anal, but if that's what works, I'll gladly have it.

I spoke with the nurse friend of mine. Fed her well. Got some answers. Got some aspects to imagine on my own since there has never been any precedence. Got some new ideas. Did you know that there's a Pediatric Gynecology ? I got a lot of work done from that conversation.

But even her decade-long experience in nursing wasn't enough. She couldn't answer some of my questions because it's something only doctors would know. So I gotta hunt me a doctor to talk to.

It's that or I go deep POV.

I wonder how this thing will work out.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Y'ALL'S!

I'll probably drop by my cousins to share in the feast. I'mma take lots of pics of Mokona stuffing her face.

I have this experiment to run see if I could consistently post 3 Instagram a week -- for hers and for mine.

But more than that, I am hella excited for tomorrow's One Piece chapter. Damn son! The entire Whole Cake Island arc is sick man! I can't contain my emotions about it anymore.

I'm this close (imagine my thumb and my index fingers almost touching) to starting my own live reaction episodes to One Piece chapters. It'll have me grossly sobbing all over my computer. LOL

I'm too tired to think of anything else to say. This is why I've been trying to wake up earlier so I could write in the morning instead of after work when I'm dead tired after a long day.

Writing inanities like my sticker addiction and my fantasies are easy to enough to do even with melted brain.

But when the morning's espresso shot has long been exhausted throughout the day, I end up staring at a blank screen for a couple of hours.

I'm giving up today. Too tired. Not sure if it's the work or the blood sugar. Probably both. Turning in early now. Don't care about word count anymore. To be honest, I think I should write shorter blogs and concentrate my energy on the projects.

I'll see y'all next week.

And once again Happy Turkey Day!
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