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Surviving a Bug War — A Horror Month Entry

Hi! I’m back. Sorry for disappearing on you, but, I encountered something really unbelievable as soon as I landed States-side.


A creepy crawling hardly microscopic thing that traipsed—however so slowly—on the vastness of my full-sized bed.

And so, the past few weeks—or month, I’m not arguing—were stolen from me by this bug. First my bed. Then my room. Then my time. For quite sometime, my breath as well. IMaybe. Maybe not. Still, I had to go to my primary doctor to ask for an asthma medication. Now I have two inhalers—a steroid kind and a rescue kind. I don’t even remember having the need for an inhaler this much when I was younger.

I also lost about $200 bucks on this war against the bug. I bought bug spray, bug powder, anti-bedbug box spring and mattress covers. A new comforter set. A steaam cleaner. And lots and lots of trash bag.

It wasn’t until after I started spraying when I recognized the bug in question. The bug? Not a bed bug.

It was a Rice Weevil.

Fuq shet! What is an over-reation? Look no further.

That’s ok. It’s all solved now. No bed bugs anywhere in the house. What a relief. I am safe to sleep on my bed (spent 3 weeks sleeping on the couch). Time to get back on the exercise wheel. Time to open up the notebook and pound on the keys. Got no more excuse to use.

Lately I have been very active on social networking sites. Mostly posting and sharing news about Asian Americans and their place in the entertainment industry. Or Asians in general. Sometimes about television. Sometimes about movie making. I have had a surge of followers. Dunno if that’s a good thing, or they’re just a bunch of spammers. THANK YOU either way. I’m having fun doing this. I think, I’m getting the hang of the hashtagging ways. So much so, I haven’t entirely written anything even after the bug problem.

Tsk. Tsk. Oh me.

So to make up for that, I’ll be writing four short stories for horror month, I swear I’ll post it on or before Halloween.

Now, if you have Wattpad, please add me — @keltskross — and please read and rate Styro Snow. It has nothing to do with the popular Eraserheads song, however it was inspired by its title. It’s about a young lady dealing with her little brother’s illness, while creating snow out of styrofoam board. It’s a short story I wrote  back in college, during a depressing semester, so it’s dark, it’s dreary, and you might find yourself crying a bit. It also has a short movie of its own, and I’m in the process of re-editing it.

It’s not my best, but I’m sure proud of it.

Hopefully, by the 30th of this month, I’d have four more short stories in Wattpad. November will be dedicated to re-writing Takatak once more, in the hopes that I get it in a bit more competition by the end of the year. The goal is to polish it and get it funded.  It is best seen on screen, I do really believe, than read on paper.

Speaking of short moves, I’m proud to announce, I’m in one again. Quite literally this time, as I served as a human prop . Hahaha! Just kidding. I was extra in D for Docs — a Scary Cow production under the helm of Joe Sikoryak. Target release is on March of 2017, so it’s a bit of a wait. For now, please like and follow their Facebook page.  Here be the link (Click me! Click me!).

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Hang out with me again next week. Hopefully, I’d be able to write something about my progress.  

626 words in 1 hour including first level proofreading.
Ha! Like I have a second level grammar corrector. LOL

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