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Self Esteem Is A Funny Thing

I was looking for a "late again" picture for this week's post, because, well I'm late posting this week... when I found this image:

It's so funny how on point this really is. How people get to this level of idiosyncrasy, is beyond me. Personally, I think, it's that rare combination of nature and nurture and hyper-awareness.

I believe I'm good. I really do. The concepts I come up with are extraordinary. So extraordinary, not a lot of people get it. So I unravel. And start doubting myself.

Then I watch American TV shows trying to incorporate Asian horror elements—whether it's a monster or a cultural peculiarity—and I can't help but start this mad tirade on how they're doing it the wrong fuqing way.

That said, the first two stories I'll be writing for my Horror month sacrifice will be about the relationships between two second-generation Filipino migrants and the Americans they're associated with. Both will be set in San Francisco-Bay Area.

I will be needing two more stories to complete the four. Still drawing up blank, though. I swear, I've been doing my research on Filipino mythology and legends. But my references are not enough (I knew I should have gotten more Filipino cultural books when I went there last ... I seriously need them).

And while doing that research, I encountered a specific detail that could make Takatak great again [LOL]. Now, I only need to put it down on paper.

So wish me luck, and hopefully I'd be done with the first two stories by the end of the week.


259 word in 40mins.
To be fair though, I wrote everything on my phone.
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