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Excuses Excuses

Seems like my visitors have increased lately. And if Blogspot’s statistic is anywhere near accurate, then my readers have gotten used to dropping by on Wednesdays. Soooo… how many of you are my friends? Raise your hands, please. Okay. Okay. One … two … three … Yup, you’re all my friends.

Anyhoo … thank you for coming by and reading my spasmodic writing rants. If you’ve noticed it no longer has anything to do with Surviving the unknown, and has become somewhat of an exploration reports on the depths of my cerebro spinal sea. Maybe I should start the logs with  Stardate … maybe not.

I am actually dragging this along because, I have a confession to make. People trying to make a confession … well … they’re not really the most forward people. They’ll beat around the bush. They’ll try to remember when was the last time they ever did this. They’re also going to try to maximize word count whenever possible. That last one was just me.

Okay, here it goes. I have not been writing these past few days. There I said it. Please don’t tell me again that I'm not being serious about my craft, because I really am. And there’s always a good reason why I couldn’t put in words … okay fine I'm making excuses again. 

After the easy peasy 650 words I wrote last Wednesday, I wascompletely zero the following days. Last Monday, I was able to squeeze out 313 words during a 30 minute window I was able to take advantage of. Pathetic, aint it? I know. But I’ll tell you this — it wasn’t because I was staring at a big white space in front of me and getting overwhelmed. The white space on the screen is now my friend. I have conquered it and I remain triumphant. No, it wasn’t that.

What’s my excuse this time? RESEARCH. I’ve been continually doing research for the vampire story I've had in my mind for the last 15 years. 

I am fully aware of how prevalent vampire stories are in the modern forms of liberal arts. But I can’t really let go of this vampire story I've had  in my mind for so long. I’ve been pondering for years how I can make it stand out, short of making them sparkle. And even that’s been done. 

I thought it would be great to have a medical reason behind their condition. But then I'm not really a medical kind of person. I'm not even science-y enough. I‘m a self professed SciFi fan, but not even that couldn help me pass my biology course. Goddamit, NatSci 2! Why do you have to make me memorize the parts of the cell?! Why do I need to know what are those thing beside the mitochondira?!  Why can’t you be more like NatSci 1?! Chemistry and physic makes perfect sense!

[Thank you, Parasite Eve, for teaching me what a mitochondria is.] 

So I turned to Biblical references. And that required heavy research. The great flood. The archangesl. Mythologies that crossed over. It’s all so fascinating. Did you know there’s a religion called Zoroastrianism? It tickles me everytime I hear it — Zoroastrianims. I’m imagining followers of Zoro — the One Piece character of course —and his lush moss head. 

Anyways. I should be going back to my exercises. I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive. Sorry, no advice right now. Hopefully next week I'll make more sense. And maybe next week I'll be able to tell you I've done some chapters or some short stories. I'll be crossing my finger while typing until next week.  

589 words in, give or take, 1 hour.
I wasn't able to time it today.

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