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Boarding Time

Less than two hours to boarding, and here I am just about to write this week’s blog entry. So many things happened in less than one week. It almost felt like California was trying to hold me back. It’s probably thinking this daughter of mine has no intention of coming back. I think my mother was thinking the same thing.

But, I’ll have to come back. Just because I’m bound by duty to my parents and to my kind bosses who let me have a 20-day vacation despite only allowing 10 days at a time.
Last Saturday, my mother got a call from something-something-Pacific-hospital. A kidney had become available for her to pick-up, attach, and take home. But then she immediately deferred, because my trip was happening in less than a week. I was overcome by shock. I couldn’t even yell out my objection. 20-minutes later, she wanted to rescind her decision, but it was too late. The kidney was already given to someone else. As if that wasn’t enough, apparently her dialysis access was due for a maintenance three-weeks ago, but she thought she’d do it, God knows when, and it clogged up. She had to delay her dialysis one day, and go to an emergency surgery. TWO-DAYS-BEFORE-MY TRIP! Well, she said she learned her lesson and that when a kidney becomes available again, she’ll go for sure.

Although, it seems, I’ll have extra baggage in this trip. Forever asking if I wasn’t able to voice out my protest because I actually didn’t want to cancel my trip for her kidney.

I know this story should go to Ze Mudra Files. Or that, I should be writing about my progress in writing. But, really, there’s no way I could get some writing done while I’m almost always working 12-hour-shifts just wrapping things up at work, and packing things up and figuring out how not to go over the weight limit. I haven’t even been able to  exercise the last two days. My hips are severely misaligned and painful right now.

Just to let you know, I’ve got no shoes with me except the ones I’m wearing right now. I did pack a lot of socks. In retrospect, I have no other reason bringing those socks with me, except that they’re really cute.

Now, I’ll have 21 vacation days in total, including the 16+-hour-trip between cities. My plan is to write as much as I could in those days. I’d be able to dedicate more than an hour a day now. In fact, I plan on writing, at least, five hours a day! Hopefully, I’d be able to finish something. Even if it’s just the semi-final version of Takatak (because we all know that a screenplay only enters final draft after the movie’s screened in the theatre… or DVD … or Director’s Cut … or … you get what I mean).

I have to mention, though, how efficient SFO is. I was done checking in about 10 minutes. I did my make-up longer, which I had to do after checking in. I went through customs in 15-minutes. Found my gate in less than three. Waiting for the airline to get a gate took longer. Probably boarding will take a while. I don’t like my seat, though. I had asked for a window seat, but then suddenly I got an aisle seat. Bummer. Hopefully on my way to Manila from Narita, I’d get not the seat I deserve, but the seat I want. Story of my life.

I should save up and get me one (or two) of those luggage with four wheels.

603 words in 44minutes.
Now I’ll be writing my books.

Oh yeah, sorry about the delay.

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