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Word Count and Goals

I started this week with a great start. I was able to churn out 548 words last Monday, and I thought, hey I've finally jumped over the hurdle that is writer's block. Who doesn't get writer's block? Pfffft ... easy peasy. It only took me, what? 17 days to get over it? Huh! I'm the king of the world!

But then, yesterday, before I sat down for my scheduled 1 hour writing, I read Screencraft's article "5 Ways You Can Determine If Your Script Is Done." TAK-A-TAK has been baking for two years. So I've been asking myself, when the fudge am I ever gonna be done with this?! When am I ever gonna be the 40-year-old love child of Mindy Kaling, Neil Gaiman, and Ang Lee?

I made some calculations, with some algebraic formula, that would make sense only to me (Alec, my Algebra teacher, would be so proud LOL). As it turned out I would have to write 1613 words a day, to get a 45K++ words in four weeks. That's the average number of words for either a full length screenplay or a light novel/novella. 

Notebook and pencil -- old school.

I know I'm not ready to get into a fist fight with a full length feature screenplay. I do have some ideas, one or two are even musicals (this reminds me, I need copies of musical screenplays). But the light novels/novelette/novella in my head needs to be de-cluttered and finally put into the game.

So 1613 words it is!

How hard could it be? I was able to do 548 in 1 hour last Monday, right? I should be able to come up with at least 1096 words in 2 hours. If I can make up for the difference on my days off, when I can add, maybe another 5 hours in my writing time, then I should be able to complete the 45 thousand words needed for he light novels, right?


Tuesday's writing time was a bust. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to put down. I just kept on reading and re-reading the thing I've done on Monday. So the strange smoking guy rudely walked out on the Main Character (MC), what now? F@#k!   

I also found this call for entries, and I had distracted myself with this idea -- what about turning TAK-A-TAK into a short story first, get it published somewhere, so when I put it up in Kickstarter or any crowd-funding site, it'll have some sort of distinction to be actually put into film.

10 minutes left in my one hour and I've only written 422 words up to this point.

The insecure personality in my head is nagging me how incorrigible I am. But I'm also friggin' stubborn, so I'll just keep at it. 

Maybe I won't be the 40-year-old love child of Mindy Kaling and Neil Gaimain. I can settle for a 50-year-old love child of Park Chan Wook and Wong Kar Wai. It's not ideal, since it's hella late in my life, I don't get to be a feminist icon, and I don't get to be in the Oscars. But, I gotta have a f@#king goal to keep on living. And keep on writing. 

518 words in 1 hour.

I've got really do better than that.
Huh? Look at that, Nino or Sho didn't come up in the goals ...

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