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Results of Procastination

My day didn't start out too good. I woke up barely making it to my car on street cleaning day. A mere second delay would have cost me a $30+ ticket, and that's something I can't afford right now.

I moved over to a Starbucks near work, got me my white choco mocha and a breakfast sandwich, and got a good spot with an available outlet nearby. But I couldn't connect to this SB's WiFi for some reason, my computer telling me it's not safe to connect. Oh my gawd! My computer is a demisexual who refuses to hook up with a strange WiFi!

My next option was to move to a public library. But it seems the nearest library won't be open until 11am. That's too little time for me to write since I have to be at work by 12pm.

So, here I am, AT WORK, writing my complaints for the day. I should have just gone straight here instead. Could have saved me some gas and time wasted in driving around. I could have saved dollars too, since I have a coffee maker at work and cheaper breads for breakfast. On the downside, every time the phone rings, I'm compelled to pick it up. 

All that running around exhausted me. I'm listless and dozy, and I'm not sure if I'll ever finish making a point or even short report in this entry.

That said -- here's what happened in the week so far:

I went to a friend's wedding on Sunday -- gorgeous bride, gorgeous groom, gorgeous ceremony, gorgeous venue, and gorgeous me. It did take me the entire week deciding on what to wear. After consulting with my pool of stylist (LOL), I decided to wear a black and white number, with purple pumps and purple clutch. Of course, it's all about the wedding, which made me cry a bit. I'm grateful I was invited in such an intimate event. I feel really special to be there. Congratulations again, Mel & Stew!   

I should have brought my phone camera lenses.

I went to see SF Giants game at AT&T Park yesterday. First time in my life. I didn't hate it. It was pretty exciting every time someone hits a ball and it flies off, or when someone catches a ball and strikes out a batter. Mostly, the fans made it exciting. They were rowdy -- singing, stomping, calling the enemies idiots. It's not my kind of thing. But, I can see myself going to another one of this. Maybe even in a Buster Posey jersey. Must remember to bring the following next time: (1) warm blanket, (2) beany, (3) seat cushions, (4) picnic snacks, (5) water bottle, (6) am/fm radio, and maybe, if we can get it in, (7) alcohol of our own. $12+ for a cup of beer or screwdriver, what a rip-off.

Learning from my mistake, I brought my camera lenses this time. 

For writing -- NOTHING.

Well, mostly stared at a white screen. Gone back to reading John Green's Looking for Alaska, as that's my current peg for *SPOILER ALERT* the guy who will never ever get the girl (<<< highlight me if you wanna know).

I've also been reading and analyzing Buffy the Vampire Slayer screenplays - from shooting script to final output shot. In particular, season 4 episode HUSH (my favorite).

Joss Whedon used a lot of viewer perspective descriptions in this teleplay, and that confused me a lot. I mean, he's obviously not an amateur, and yet there were plenty of  "we see..." and "... to us...". And icing on the cake, this is an Emmy nominated piece.

He also has a lot of actor instructions -- say and not show -- like lines "Buffy looks around her. Me?" and "Xander stops. He points at Spike -- J'accuse! Spike looks at him. Me?"

He also stretches a tad on the "beat" descriptions: "Bit of a beat there," and "He turns out the light. There is a beat." Just in comparison to M. Knight Shyamalan's Sixth Sense, where the writer just simply states "BEAT" every time. To be fair in Whedon's Hush, there is one line that simply states "Beat."

My point here, really, is the technical part of writing depends greatly on readability. If it feels natural to use we-something-something, then go for it. If you wanna expand and/or justify why you need a beat here, then go for it. If you wanna just tell the actor how the character feels instead of telling them how to act, then go for it. 

Of course, I'm saying this out loud more for myself than for you. I am aware how I'm not yet a reliable source of writing advice. A diamond does take a billion years to form Let's hope I don't take any longer.

Next time I'll bring my steady cam, too.

765 words in 1hr and 30min-ish.

Well, got interrupted by my day job.
That's why I didn't want to write where I work. 

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