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Rerouting My Path A Bit

While J/K is currently simmering in the figurative cooking pot called Slamdance, TAKATAK has become a defective toaster charring half my brain, barely heating up the other half. It's been driving me nuts. I've spent hours reading and re-reading the current version, I still can't figure out what the boy really wants to tell his audience.

Reflection of my current state of mind.

So, I decided to start on some light novels I've been planning to write.

The first one is this really banal old story I've had for over 20 years. It's so banal, even I'm bored with it. But, it holds a special place in my heart. See, it's the very first screenplay I've written in my life.

I was 17, just out of High School, and still a tad bitter about the life I had so far -- bullied, disregarded, and uncultivated. I had one full semester without school, giving me too much time for my part-time, but there were too little work to occupy my time. Books were all expensive and no libraries were open to the public. Internet at that time was not really as accessible as it is today. Hell, I didn't even see an internet cafe/shop until the following year.

What I had was this folio or book from De La Salle University (not my university), that contained literary collections written by students. A friend's brother gave them to me, since I'm the only one they knew who wanted to be a writer. In one of those books, there was a screenplay about a priest and a lady. I barely remember the story (it's been more than 20 years since I've read it, duh?), but I remember being fascinated by the format. I read it about 5 times consecutively, figuring out the terminologies by only applying common sense -- INT, EXT, CU, VO, OS. Even to this day, I see it as a miracle that I found that screenplay comprehensible.

So basing on what I learned from that one screenplay, I wrote my own. It's the story of Boyd, a player who transferred from a city college to a prestigious university, and then fell in love with a person he least expected to see in the same grounds.

The screenplay was complete, sound, no plot-holes (at least none anybody could find). It was just too trite.

Which isn't really bad for a practice piece.

Now that I'm diving into unknown waters, I thought it'd be best to swim with the people I know by heart. People who wouldn't drown me with them (like Takatak Boy who is pulling me down the waters every time). Comfort depth and all.

I also figured, maybe this story would be a better fit in a novella length. And maybe, once done, it'll finally get out of the waters of my mind, giving other characters and other stories a chance to swim in my strange waters.

Wish me good luck. There are five more light novels fighting in the waters, racing like they're in the Rio Olympics.

Boyd's chapter breakdown. Not final yet. 

But back on screenply writing ...

I just discovered this -- Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest and Screencraft Short Film Production Fund Contest. I really really really want to enter. But it'll take $134 each (the least) to get into for one screenplay. It's so hard to be poor.

I wonder if anyone would GoFundMe for this. Hmmmm ...

I'll sleep on it. Maybe I'll have a less desperate mind tomorrow when I wake up.

Pucha, 500 words exactly in 1hr and 24minutes.
I blame my computer and Blogger crashing on me
3 times for the extra 24 minutes.

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