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Derailed Thoughts

Mai and I were talking about my writing progress the other day. I have been doing quite well of late, she suggested I should keep a record of this developments. I'm not sure if we had the same thing in mind, but I thought -- hey, maybe that's what I should be blogging about.

As I look at this blinding white screen--alt-tab-ing between the browser and the Minesweeper game--I struggle finding the right words to type. So many things go through my head so fast, finding the exact topic to talk about is like sifting flour with chicken wire.

Chicken wire!

At this very moment, I'm also thinking of:

  • How J.D. from Scrubs' (yes, the TV show) monologue and fantasies seem to get worst every season (I've been binge watching Scrubs);
  • How I'm grateful to have sat beside Dr. Simon on the plane to Boise, who told me that Scrubs is the most accurate medical TV show he's ever seen;
  • How after one miraculous day of keeping my schedule, I'm back to skipping today's shower since I'm off work tomorrow;
  • How even though I woke up at the exact right time this morning, I still ended up 20 minutes late at work;
  • How useless it is to sift flour with chicken wire;
  • How I would get actors for a short movie I seriously want to complete, but I don't even have the budget to ...
  • How, huh, my Instagram posts seem to be big hits these days ... is it the hashtags I use?
  • How, gawd, I need to finish these scripts, but I can' because I'm incompetent;
  • How, holy sh!t I still have 2... 4 ... 9 novels to write, but got no time for that ...
  • I have too many necklaces I don't use;
  • My postcards from Seattle and Boise have not arrived;
  • I'm sleepy and tired from running; 
  • I should go to Yoga class...
   Like sifting flour with chicken wire I say! Chicken wire!

Notice how none of my thoughts have anything to do with work? I'm thinking about Pocky ... close enough ... I think.

My thoughts are too derailed  ... I'm sleepy. 

I'm going to sleep.

345 out of 500 ... close enough.

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