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Nothing Compares 2 Prince

It's been a week since Prince passed away so suddenly. I see purple everywhere -- bracelets, garlands, shirts, even lights. Almost everywhere I go I hear his songs being played round-the-clock. Magazine racks are now lined up with his face, memorializing the pop icon's life and works.

And yet, I'm only talking about this now.

I'm not really the kind to talk about the dearly departed in my social media accounts. I don't think I would even have the heart to post something like it if I lose somebody related to me. Maybe I'm a sociopath, but I just don't see the point. I'll send my condolences to the family left behind, but nothing to the dead. Nothing for the dead.

Especially for not for any personality I wasn't acquainted with. When David Bowie died, the event came and went without me saying anything. Sooooo... he died after a grueling battle against the big C. I'm sorry to hear that. Other than The Labyrinth, I know nothing about his life's work. I didn't even realize he was Tesla until credits rolled for The Prestige.

Then Alan Rickman died. And though I'm a huge Harry Potter and Galaxy Quest dork, the best I could say was "Crying buckets while watching Galaxy Quest." I don't think I even posted that on social media. I think I might have just sent that as a message to some friends.

Prince is different, though. I grew up with Prince.

Prince was my mom's Ninomiya. The one celebrity she would have given everything up for.

On that fateful day, my childhood friends texted or called me to tell me Prince had passed away, and to ask how my mom's dealing with it. Apparently, most of her friends did the same. Like the wifey that she is.

See, after she saw Purple Rain movie, she's been married to him in spirit. From 1985 onward, Prince was a huge part of our lives. I only know the Michael Jackson or Madonna songs that had a music video. But I knew every song in 1999, Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day, and Parade. Heck, I can still sing a few of the songs without lyrics cheat sheet. To be honest, though, I was never into his music. I was just a brainwashed little five year old.

When Batman came out in 1989, it was a big thing in our household. The soundtrack played round-the-clock. Every family member applauded Prince: My eldest brother who'd only listen to Beatles; My second brother who'd only play Guns N' Roses and Skid Row after out-growing Michael Jackson; And me, who'd only listened to Whitney Houston (seriously). We all listened and we all enjoyed the album playing in our one tiny casette player everyday.

Up to this point, Arms of Orion is still one of my favorite songs.

A year after. Nothing Compares 2 U came out. While a lot of people only associate the song with Sinead O'Conner, I've always known (thanks to my mother) from the get-go that Nothing Compares was, and will always be, a Prince song. And this song is precisely my all time favorite. More than Bjork. More than Garbage. More than Tohoshinki. More than Arashi. Dude! MORE THAN ARASHI!

I didn't expect these two songs to be exactly what my personal life would become.

Because, up to this day, "although we're worlds apart, I'd cross the stars 4 [someone]."
Because, "since [he's] been gone I've been searching 4 a lover In the Sea of Tranquility."
Because, "I'm [still] drowning without [him] here, my dear."

Because, at some point in my life, "I [would] go out all night and sleep all day. Since [he] took [his] love away."
Because, I still ask to this day "Tell me where did I go wrong?"
Because, "I could put my arms around any boy [or girl] I see. But they only reminds me of [him]"

Prince was my surrogate dad. He, indirectly, raised me and molded me into who I am right now.

I wish I took the chance when he went to Oakland. I should have jumped immediately on the tickets before it ran out. That's never gonna happen now.

Hey Prince, nothing really compares to you. Someday, I'd cross the stars and prove you right -- Orion's arms are truly wide enough.

Bye surrogate dad.

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