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Clutter For Brains

Every day, I would click on the "New Post" button saying out loud, "I will write my blog today."

I would spend a few minutes staring at a blank screen, then I'd check and re-check my notes. Often times I would alt+tab to my social media accounts, stay there perusing other people's thoughts for hours. I'd type up a witty comment or impart my knowledge on the subject for the ones I really like; I'd hit like when I'm obliged to like; and I would skip the ones that either doesn't interest me or I disagree with. I would re-share the ones I really love, and sometimes the ones that really disgust me. Of course the last one would always come with a remark of protest, exposing my utter disgust. I'd get responses I'm not sure how to react to, and that would rile me up to think and over-think the proper way to answer back. I would then hit like and pretend it didn't exist, instead.

After a couple of hours, I'd be too exhausted to think of what to write. I would click on the X at the upper right corner of the screen and that would be it.

It's not like I don't have anything to say. I have so much in my head, it's like an endless party in there. I look up at the reminders pinned on my [literal] wall, and I think I should write something about the subjects of the story I'm creating. I look at my calendar, and I see the writing contest deadlines and I think, damn, I should be focusing on my screenplay instead. I look at my [paper] notebooks and I think, oh I should write about the course I'm studying right now. I see my purse and I remember the cringe comedy situation that happened at work that's worth writing. I hear my mother yelling and I'm reminded that I have to update my other project and make it 20% funnier.

My mind is so cluttered, but no amount of de-cluttering my room or the living room will ever organize the ideas in my head.

Am I the only one who have this problem?   

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