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The Year That Was 2014

Small talk dictates one ask, “how have you been?” when one haven’t seen another for a while.

How have you been?

Me? I've been awesome. For most of 2014 I’ve been in a great shape. There were plenty of stress — but without it, stories do not progress. There were a couple of twists at the pinnacle, but nothing that I couldn't untangle. When the clock struck twelve: while people were making noises; and jumping; and welcoming the future that would be — I was happy.

I was promoted to manager overnight (literally) on the first week of [JANUARY]. I had to say goodbye to some friendly co-workers; but in their place I’ve met some awesome, albeit weird personalities. There were no progress in [FEBRUARY], except I made a call that I won’t be able to see Arashi. Ever. How much of a practical joker the Fates are, somebody should have warned me.

I found Folsom Foundry in [MARCH] because of a Game of Thrones event. That alone isn’t much of a story, but I assure you, the place have a degree of importance in my 2014. Just like my signing up in  the Screenwriters’ challenge early [APRIL],  that took up half of my life in [MAY]. After submitting the screenplay, I was tremendously rewarded -- Jodorowsky’s Dune docu movie was gonna be shown in the Bay Area, something I have waited for since 2011; News came out that Arashi was going to have a Hawaii concert. I never had these much rewards for a crappy-ass job. Imagine what the world would give me for writing with all seriousness and might. In the middle of this all — I got my Driver’s license. I can officially drive.

[JUNE] was an eventful month. I finally saw Jodo’s Dune. It was the most amazing docu-movie I’ve ever seen. In Jodo, I found a new love. With Jodo, I share my new love for Borgia as well. Priss came into my life, but was immediately renamed Trixie. I was now officially a car owner. I officially own a car. I have a car registered under my name. My first car is a Matrix 2008. And I love her dearly. Just don’t tell Ashleigh. While I was stanning BTS pictures of Arashi’s third Pikanchi feature on International Fairy Day — I found my name in the honorable mentions of the Screenwriter’s challenge. A piece I wrote in 5 hours (more or less) almost made it. Imagine what I could do if I wrote seriously. In [JULY] the scriptwriting challenge sent me their feedback. With it, I was able to understand my deficiencies some more. Trixie was replaced by Ashleigh. My second car is a 2009 Scion Xd. She’s a little bratty, but she’s brought me places.

As a birthday gift, the Fates opened Arashi’s Hawaii concert to non-fan club members. in 2009, I told myself I will see them in 2014. In the first quarter of 2014, I have convinced myself I will never see them. In the 3rd quarter of 2014 I was given a chance. [AUGUST] and [SEPTEMBER] ended with me in cloud nine. I finally met the people who owned my heart. For once, I celebrated my birthday.

[OCTOBER] and [NOVEMBER] were dedicated to my writing. I wrote 11 installments of my Hawaii adventure. I had started re-writing my entry to the screenwriting challenge (work in progress) with the intention of shooting it. It is now called TAKATAK (formerly entitled Underpass Park). I had started writing my fickle story with the intention of publishing it. Rye deserves a spotlight, and I’m giving him a bright one.

[DECEMBER] was a stressful month. People resigned, and new people were giving me some problems at work. Christmas season is the Superbowl of retail, and that was in some ways expected. In the stress, I had made wrong choices. One of which cost me $200, a laptop, all my notes, and all my storyboards. Because I wanted so much to attend Game Night at the Folsom Foundry (told you) despite the exhaustion from working more than 9 hours a day, my car’s window was smashed and my things stolen. I didn’t heed the warnings about SoMa district, and I didn’t follow safety instructions from seasoned drivers. Being careless was my sin.

There will never be a perfect year. I had too much fun in the first 11 months. A little inconvenience at the end of it was imperative. Harsh as it may be, it taught me a real life lesson. But New Year is here, and new challenges await. Hopefully in a week or two I’ll be able to let you all read the nth draft of Takatak. Hopefully I’ll be able to finally make Rye shine.

I wait for Niki at a Starbucks in San Jose. As I wait, I write the first blog of the year. I have never appreciated my life as much as I do right now. The Fates were good to me in 2014. Maybe I won’t get that Oscar. Maybe I’ll never be with Nino. But who am I to say what the Fates have in store for me. I’ve just gotta give them what they want. And it seems, they want me to write a lot more.

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