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Arashi Blast In Hawaii -- Part 9 -- 虹のカケラ ~no rain, no rainbow~

They are fragments of a rainbow
My pot of gold is at the end of that rainbow

By “Summer Splash” the rain have gotten stronger. It wasn’t strong enough to drench us, but it was definitely dancing along. I have short hair, so my head was getting soppy. The guys were all running along the second stage like kids. Right at the middle Sho would shout “Summer!” and we would answer “Splash.” At the end of the song, he changed these calls to “Aloha!” somebody said “Matsuri” again, but because of the excitement, I couldn’t figure if it was Ohno or MatsuJun.
The song quickly changed to “CARNIVAL NIGHT part2.” Every time I heard this song, I would think about the existence of part1. Even on that night, I was thinking where part1 was. I wasn’t sure where they went during this song. As they ended the song, I saw them all running towards the center of the main stage. They were all giggly and goofy. They all surrounded Ohno in the middle waiting for him to do his thing. MatsuJun stopped him and took off his Hawaiian shirt and wiped the floor with it. I heard “Abunai.” And I had thought, “Ah, what a nice guy.” As soon as he was done, he took Ohno’s mic (or was that Aiba?). Ohno did a beautiful backflip. The arch of his body in mid-air would forever be ingrained in my mind. People forget, this is a 34 year old man.
Found in Tumblr, I do not claim ownership. Also this is from 1st day (not my day)
The heavy pour turned down a little as the darkness enveloped the stage. All the monitors flickered and started a video of the guys talking about this Hawaiian concert. Planning the concert; Preparing for it; Seeing the venue — things like that. The video was accompanied by subtitles. I hope in the DVD it would have the same subs, too.
As soon as the monitors faded out, a burst of fire lit up the stage. No, seriously. Literal fire. “Monster” intro faded in. Poi dancers lined up the steps on the stage as the guys did their dance routine. The poi dancers spun their fire according to Monster’s beat. It made me a tiny bit sad as I remembered how much my fellow Arashian, Clair, liked Poi. I watched these Poi dancers while missing my Arashian friends back home. I miss them so much. I wanted them to be there with me and Jannie. Because of this, I missed most of the “Monster” performance as well. Those Poi dancers were huge, by the way. It was not easy to look away from them. They filled up the stage. Arashi were drowned out by those dancers.
The lights blinked and the Poi dancers disappeared. Rain poured straight down on us like a deluge broke a trapdoor up in the sky. A “P.A.R.A.D.O.X.” remix blasted along with the light show on the screen and the guys dancing on the main stage. It was all so dramatic. Yet the only thought in my head was “Oh my god! They’ve remixed P.A.R.A.D.O.X., I’m so happy.” Let it be known — I hate “P.A.R.A.D.O.X.” the most. I think it’s the worst song, and had the worst choreography. And what made it worst is the thought they paid so much for something so bad. Any of you are wondering why Ohno’s been doing all the choreographies? Because they don’t have enough budget for a choreographer anymore. Where’s Yara? Bring back Yara, please!
BUT I digress. I may be the only person complaining like this.
The light show ended and the remix bridged to “Daremo Shiranai.” As they sang this song, they walked their way to the apex of the T-stage. I was staring at Nino as he walked. He was looking a little bit annoyed. The rain was all over his face, and his hair was getting in his eyes. He kept on pushing it back. He did his routine devoid of a smile. I looked at Aiba and Sho, their hair was a little flat, too. Surprisingly, Ohno’s and MatsuJun’s hairs were defying the rain.
“Daremo Shiranai” changed into “P.A.R.A.D.O.X.” and I screamed in despair. I had this ugly scowl all through out the first half of the song. I was pouting as much as I stared at Nino performing at our corner of the apex that was now elevated. See, because I hated it so much, I had not cared to watch the live performances of this song. I was seeing this performance with a fresh set of eyes. When Nino did his solo verse — he grinded his hips that ended with sexy side hip pose — I lost it. Something struck my chest and I missed my step. I lost my balance and almost fell on the muddy ground. Jannie caught me. Mr. 6-footer-Nino-fan pulled me up back to my feet. They both asked me if I was ok, and I thank them both and apologized for my clumsiness. I heard somebody say “ニノだから” (“Nino dakara/Because it’s Nino”). And I agree. In that exact moment, a cupid really shot me in the heart. Whatever block I had cemented in my heart, somehow I felt like it was lifted. I’m serious and far from being overly dramatic here. I was suddenly ready to divorce other members of my (imaginary) harem.
Kidding aside, at that moment something changed in me. I still hate “P.A.R.A.D.O.X.” But I can tolerate it now. I still skip it when it plays in my car. But I acknowledge its existence. It’s my life’s paradox.
“Your Eyes” and “Meikyuu Love Song” went by too quickly. I felt like I didn’t even hear the songs. Maybe I spaced out because I was watching Arashi intently. I noticed the screens that crowned the main stage broke from the heavy rain, it flickered randomly and died down. Only two were functioning; and only one was functioning right. I remember the guys spread out and we got MatsuJun for a couple of minutes, to Jannie’s delight. I feel bad as we only got Jun on our side twice. As opposed to the other four who ran in front of us so many times, if not stayed there for a whole song. This person moved a lot. Although, that fleeting moment was enough to let us soak in the brilliance of this man’s beauty. I kid you not, the Bishie Sparkle IS real. Light bounced on his skin. He is the embodiment of a Meyer vampire. Swearsies! I am not exaggerating.
I remember in “Troublemaker” Nino’s mood seemed to have brightened up exponentially. The smiles seemed more … genuine. And that lightened up my mood as well. The rain still pouring heavily. Sho’s hair  was bouncing as he ran from one end to another on the T-stage. I was bemused by how bouncy his hair was. It reminded me of my classmate’s hair back in high school. Then it reminded me how I’m actually from the same generation. Nostalgia only comes with age.
I believe “Wild At Heart” was playing when Nino got on the rolling carts. I could actually see him falling behind the lip-sync. I’ve already expected this. If we should believe rumors that day 2 was taped for the DVD/BRD, then it was a given that they would lip sync most of the songs. It didn’t even surprise me when, at the middle of the verse, he just gave up and didn’t care to lip sync at all. I swear, he really did. He was waving at the fans and forcing out a smile. He looked exhausted, but he looked genuinely happy. Then our eyes met.
For a microsecond.
I’m not making this up. In my memory it was bright as day when this happened, but the sky was really under a blanket of indigo. It felt like it lasted longer than a minute, but it really was just a fraction of a second. I was staring up at him, and he was looking down. Heaven and Earth. Was this how Little Mermaid felt like when she saw her prince on the boat?
Despite the imagery, it wasn’t like how I imagined it. You know: our eyes would meet; he’d fall for me; he’d look for me; and we’d live a happily ever after. But then that microsecond when our eyes met ended with a brush off. A. BRUSH. OFF. And the second after that came with my temper flaring up. I thought “Did he just snub me?” Then the next second I was chuckling to myself. How delusional could I get? 運命/Unmei/Fate? Pfffft. That was not it. I had to remind myself, he’s the goal. And that meant I have to work hard to get to the goal. It won’t be an easy win like my fantasies. Nothing would ever happen like my fantasies. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t win this. I’m the Little Mermaid. And I’d make damn sure it’s the Disney version.
What was a brush off turned into a challenge. That microsecond strengthened my resolve. I will win this. JM was too small a prize. Nino it is!

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