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Arashi Blast In Hawaii -- Part 8 -- 嵐の前の静けさ

The Jellyfish in the Calm Before the Storm*

The platforms descended as “5x10” faded out. Sho-kun started the intermission by (almost) introducing the group in Japanese, and then rephrasing his sentence to English. Bless the man for being such panderer to the international half of the fandom.
To the people outside of the jpop/kpop fandom, “Intermissions” are usually that time when you take a pee break or stand up and stretch your legs. To put it simply, it’s your only break in the entire show. Now, usually, concerts do not need any intermission. Because it’s usually only two to three hours long. It’s the length of a movie. Even shorter than Lord of the Rings Extended Edition movies.
To Arashi, this intermission was more for the guys than it was for the audience. Basically, it’s the part of the show when the guys could catch their breath and start a random personal conversation with each other. Strangely enough, they called it “MC.” I have not heard any fangirl take a pee break during MCs. For sure there are some who would. But maybe 80%, if not 99%, would stay in their seats for this segment. Even those, like me, who could not understand 99% of what they were saying. Tradition.
I owe Jannie a lot for this part. She understood half of what they were saying, and I’m so grateful she translated what she could without me having to ask for it. The other half she didn’t understand, I had waited for translations from concert reports (thanks to the ever dependable Yarukizero).
After all the aloha’s, Sho-kun asked us to sit down. MatsuJun mentioned the rain, and I nodded. I got a glimpse of Nino pointing at the dark clouds overhead. Since they were all standing around the apex of the main stage, I could see — well some of them — clearly. The main screen in the main stage was visible to me too since everyone was sitting on our freebie stool. It was like watching a tennis match for me — looking at the guys on the stage; then looking at the guys on the screen; then back at the stage again. Not understanding one word.
Sho-kun was talking a lot and fast. Ohchan interjected about seeing something. Then Nino started singing “Believe.” I couldn’t really see who was dancing at this part, but I read it was Aiba. Aiba shouted on the mic, so I pretty much assumed he made a flub again. Aiba shouting about his flub, that too, has become tradition.
Sho-kun said something which made the audience laugh. I laughed, too, just so I didn’t feel out of place. Then Nino started singing “Believe” again. From my seat, I could see MatsuJun and Sho-kun dancing along. I had thought Sho-kun made a mistake, too. I read later that he actually made the jump in “Believe.” Usually he could only do a skip. This was not part of tradition. This is Hawaii only Sho.
Sho-kun asked Ohno something, and Ohno chewed his sentence through. Nino got into the conversation with his trademark sassy shriek. I laughed at this along with everybody else. Although, I didn’t know what they were saying, I knew Nino was chiding Ohno yet again. Tradition.

Sho-kun prompted the group to go back to the main stage. Everybody in our block’s row howled their objection with a big long “Eeeeeeeeeeeeee(h)!” I didn’t need translation for this, obviously, our section of the audience didn’t want them to go back to the main stage. Sho-kun replied to the audience saying, “chotto,” “gomen ne,” and then a bunch of other things. I interpreted it like, “I’m sorry, bitches, but I gots to go.” Of course, it probably was more polite than that.

They continued talking as they made their way back to the main stage. The two youngest exited the stage. Usually they stealthily disappear like ninjas. But this time, they didn’t make any effort of slipping out unnoticed. I guess it was because the three oldest were grasping at words. There were spots of cute awkward dead air in between their steps. Until Sho-kun revealed how he and Aiba would put sunblock on each other. Then they just rambled on and on.

Aiba eventually started promoting his upcoming movie. Jannie told me this. They teased Aiba a lot over the fact that the movie is a romantic one. A deviation from tradition. No one has ever even imagined Aiba as a romantic lead. Seeing Aiba in person changed my opinion of him, though. Now I understood why when they were younger, he was the idol leader; or why he was almost always in the middle; or why he was always the prince. Dude! I kid you not. He’s gorramit beautiful. He would have been the perfect romantic lead, if only he could act properly. From my favorite trio, however talented they are, what you see on TV is what you get. Aiba and MatsuJun on the other hand — holy crap! I don’t have enough adjectives synonymous to beautiful.
They continued conversing while Jannie was translating (some of it) for me. Eventually, Jun came out in a blue Hawaiian shirt. It probably was indigo, which made it look blue from so far away. This prompted Aiba and Ohno to take their leave. To every SakuMoto (or SakuraMoto) fans, this was their moment. They did a little skit where Sho was a news reporter interviewing big shot idol Matsumoto. I heard “helli” in the skit, so pretty much assumed they were talking about their concert entrance.

Nino came out in a yellow Hawaiian shirt from the right side of the stage (if you’re facing the stage). He wasn’t paying attention to the conversation going on between SakuraMoto. When Sho said his name, he was all like, “Eh what?” I heard “Nande?” Pretty sure that was the correct translation. They all gave a short laugh which triggered some laughter from the audience. This was Sho-kun’s cue to leave the stage and change. He headed for the right side exit, then paused, and threw a question in the air. MatsuJun responded with so much sass. I couldn’t see him clearly, but I thought his left eyebrow raised just a little bit. Sho-kun exited on through the left side. As soon as he was gone, MatsuJun and Nino continued the conversation.
Probably because it was Nino, I started spacing out. Jannie had stopped translating, probably because it was MatsuJun up there. So I sat staring at Nino’s tiny figure. There weren’t much movement between these two people. Although, they did talk a lot. Until Aiba and Ohno came back out, nothing much was happening on stage.
Tennen pair came out in their Hawaiian shirts — blue, real blue (ultramarine), for Ohno; green for Aiba. They were giggling as they came out. When they saw Nino glaring at them, they bursted out laughing. Nino said he was going to use the toilet, and ran for the right exit. The sudden scuffle on stage got some excitement from me. I didn’t know what was happening, but hey, there were movement. MatsuJun addressed the audience, telling us that we’re not hearing the backstage conversation but Tennen pair were being noisy and they could hear it through their ear pieces. This, too, is tradition. I heard “suppai” somewhere in the sentence, and the rest were lost on me. When everybody started laughing, I just laughed at how they all looked like.
Sho came back out during the fits of laughter. He was wearing a red Hawaiian shirt. Obviously acting, Sho-kun asked where Nino was. MatsuJun answered his question. I had my eyes fixed on the exit where Nino disappeared. He did come back out from that side wiping his face with the scarf he was wearing. He paused halfway through looking a little surprised by a sudden burst of pain. He rubbed his eyes more while all the other four were asking him questions. He answered while repeatedly blinking his left eye. I was badgering Jannie what was happening. I’m not sure if she answered, but I didn’t hear anything. The whole thing was lost on me.
Taken from Tumblr. I own nothing. 
MatsuJun said something pointing out the Hawaiian stage. I’m not sure if that was what they really called it, but that’s what most of the fans called it. That was the end of the MC segment. They were all dressed up, properly hydrated, cooled off and ready to perform again. The rain have started making its presence felt, yet again. Drops were few and scattered, but a tad stronger than the start of the show.
The sun was descending. The sky was mostly dark by this time, but the last streaks of red still fringed the sky. It was a beautiful shot I could only see from the monitor. So much so, while singing the Hawaiian version of “My Girl,” the guys would look behind them and stare at the gorgeous landscape.
Hawaiian version of “Everything” started from the Hawaiian stage and ended with them riding their carts again. Since they were not visible to me, I just sang along. Aiba rolled in on our left side as “Summer Splash” started. The rain gradually let out. The rain, the fans, me — we knew our cue. Sho said “Summer.” We replied with “Splash.” And the rain poured.


*[Sadly there is no video of 嵐の前の静けさ out there. This phrase means "The calm before the storm." And they really do have a song of it. "Jellyfish" is also in the lyrics for some reason. And we all know I'm a "dekya." (Jellyfish, duh?!)]

I'm the cat with a pillow from the jelly like fishes. (oops! wrong band).

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