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Arashi Blast In Hawaii -- Part 6 -- Eyes with Delight

Reposting the uchiwa pic. Because,
it matters.
They walked around the main stage with Sho continuously preaching—I mean rapping. He said “Lucky,” we said “Man.” Lucky Man. Lucky Man. Everybody — on cue — screamed. At this point, I still could not see anything. So I just imagined their funny orgasm faces and the big allegorical green (blue?) balls from the PV; and tried to forget the image of the ugly shiny fabrics they were wearing in said PV. Faster than Windows Media Player, the song changed to Gorimuchuu. This triggered some Nostalgia; reminded me of how much I miss the team behind CxDxG and Shukudai, back when they were still boys. D no Arashi is my second favorite TV show after Shukudai. The feelings I have for Gorimuchuu is like the feelings I have for my exes — flights of fancy from memories, and the urge to run. Run, the guys did, towards the apex of the stage.

Every Arashian/Arashist know or have memorized the greetings each member say at the beginning of their concert. They have said the same greetings for the past 10 years; if not the past 14.  Non-fans and some disgruntled fans find it repetitive, unimaginative, and trite. To be honest, I had the same opinion. You’ve seen one Arashi concert, you’ve seen them all — is what I used to say. But thanks to their resolute constantness, I had no problems understanding this part of the show. Everything is done for a reason, I had found out. With the repetition comes the familiarity. This familiarity breaks down the language barrier.

In real life, there’s no subtitles popping up at the bottom of your field of vision. In this concert, I needed no translation (except for Sho’s) and pretty much got by with every fansub recorded in my brain. I could still hear them in my ears, even to this day (time of writing). Ohno’s voice cracking as he screams “Hawaii matsuri!” reverberated in my ears. And just as much, I could hear acrimony in Nino’s “Irasshaimase!”

Still, I was slightly disappointed when Nino took a left turn and posted on the other end of the stage with MatsuJun. Jannie and I both screamed, “Nooooooo!” (Or was that just me?). Sho stayed at the apex of the T stage. Ohno and Aiba took a right, to my delight. I maybe head over heels in love with Nino for years, but Ohno was the reason why I’m an Arashi junkie. Also, I only had an Ohno uchiwa — to the chagrin of one of my sister wives.

They took off their blinding scarlet coats for Hidashi no Miraii. They got the mic stands up after dropping the coats behind the stage. I was staring at Aiba at this point, watching him as he undressed, hoping he would take off more. I’ve never been really attracted to Aiba. In fact, I’ve always considered him my pet while Yama pair & Nino are all married to me (MatsuJun belongs to so many others in my life, so I settled in being his BFF). There is no way of describing how beautiful this man is. I dare say, cameras do not give him justice. I’m not saying he doesn’t photograph well, because he does. However, he is even better looking in real life. He dominated the stage and he looked taller than I had imagined. He was still a mess in the concert, even as early as Hidashii no Mirai. But he was the embodiment of a HOT MESS.

I was seriously taken aback when I turned to Ohno. I’m not new to videography, make-up, and the combination of the two. I’ve seen golden skinned celebrities in real life, the shade of foundation they used, and how they were projected on TV. I’ve seen burnt cookie Ohno phase on TV, too. And yet, I was astonished to see the contrast between Ohno’s face foundation and his nape. I’ve got no intention of being disrespectful, but truth is — Ohchan looked like his face was pushed in a plate of flour. And then pink lipstick brushed to define a set of lips. It was ridiculous, it sent me into giggle fits.

Armed with my uchiwa, I tried hard to catch Ohchan’s attention. However, I failed to grab it. Ochan was a little off to my left, and I was slightly covered by the towering women before me (Curse you, height! Curse you!). Jannie decidedly took the uchiwa and faced it towards Ohchan with “Akin na nga yan, dali! Para makita ni Ohno!” (Let me have that, hurry! So Ohno can see). Of course we played by the rules — it was held the height of Jannie’s shoulders, which was about my height.

We waited for him to see us. We wanted him to read our uchiwa. We called his name what felt like a thousand times. We called variations of his name — Ohno, Ohchan, Satoshi, Sami! At one point I actually called him Jijii. I may have even called him “Lolo” (Grandfather in Filipino), I could not be sure. We were so focused on him, we forgot to look at the other members. While Aiba was shining brightly slightly at my right, I had my eyes fixed on only Ohno.

Almost at the end of the song: where everybody was singing along na-na-na part; and everybody was clapping along; and Jannie was moving along the music; and I was clapping tiny little claps because I was too focused on him; and Ohno was clapping over his head — he caught sight of our uchiwa. He paused for a second, probably to read what the uchiwa said. Then he gave the most unassuming smile. He pointed at the uchiwa and quickly turned his head down, bashfully hiding his tiny single chuckle. He seemed embarrassed. But it felt a good feeling of embarrassment.
Jannie and I shrieked in delight. We kept on shrieking. We kept on screaming. My ears were full of screams, I completely missed Pikanchi and Pikanchi Double. It played and it ended, and it didn’t register in my head. By the time I came to, they were descending in the apex of the T-stage.

I asked Jannie repeatedly if she was sure Ohchan really pointed at us. I wasn’t sure. I thought he did. But I could have been dreaming. Jannie confirmed it was us. It was our uchiwa he pointed at. All things considered, there wasn’t any other Ohno uchiwa in that general area.

Ohchan pointed at our uchiwa. At that point, $1000 was already worth it.


Arashi / Eyes with Delight
Mao Asada in the video

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