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Arashi Blast In Hawaii -- Part 5 -- 五里霧中

Arashi Blast in Hawaii ticket.
Was hoping to put it in a frame and sit it beside
the Eraserheads tickets I framed, but it's kinda moot.
Seat number is also moot.  
As my heart pounded, I frantically searched the sky for the helicopter. Everybody’s heads were turned the same way. Mine was the only one bobbing. Even the little girl beside me was steady, waiting in anticipation. The nearer the helicopter flew towards us, the louder the screams got.

Then I saw it. The spinning blades first. The round black body next. The pink paint on it overpowered the green. The cherry red fabric flashed from its windows. As it flew over the biggest monitor stationed behind the audience, we got a glimpse of Ohno and Jun doing the shaka.  But that went almost unnoticed. Almosts — still brought loud screams. All heads followed the chopper. All light sticks held up and waving in the sky. All bodies turned as the chopper turned, more synchronized than AKB. And there were thousands of us. 15,000 at least. Although I could not see beyond my block, the harmony of all the feelz brimming at that moment was enough to prove we were all moving in unison. And because everybody else towered over me, it felt like I was in the middle of a corn field as a storm breezed in.

As soon as the chopper landed, some music started. I took it as some random intro music; or it could have only been in my head. The guys got off the helicopter and did some poses for the camera. There were five monitors crowning the main stage — one for each of them. I didn’t know which one to look at. Each member posed for a second (or two … maybe three), which flashed on the main monitor with their names under their faces. Every face brought out shrieks of delight. The excitement was rising. I was shrieking so much, I didn’t even care if I couldn’t see what was happening. In the middle of A.Ra.Shi, I saw someone doing a flip — I asked Jannie who it was and she screamed back at me, “Ano ka ba? Si Nino!” (“What’s wrong with you? It’s Nino!”). I was like, what’s wrong with me? I couldn’t see. Of course it turned out to be Nino. Some angel out there listened to my mother’s prayers and arranged everything to my personal satisfaction. Later, I would see in news footage Ohchan’s most awesome one hand flip.  Curse you height, curse you! But then, if I couldn’t see it, the little girl beside me couldn’t see it either. I am not alone in this splendid misery. *insert evil laugh*

I had always thought I would have enough composure to take down notes for a concert report. All these years in this fandom, I’ve been dependent on other people’s fan reports. There was a point in my fangirl life when I actually stalked twitter accounts of people attending the concerts just to feel the excitement real time. I promised when it’s my turn, I would be just as earnest. Back in 2012, I did one for Eraserheads’ gig in San Francisco. Every song they sang, I mentioned in twitter. I was practically flooding people’s timelines. But not surprisingly — I lost all composure when they started heading towards us.

I was lost in the fog that the storm brought in.


五里霧中 (Gorimuchuu) is a Chinese/Japanese saying that means "to be at a loss" but literally it means "Five inside a fog." Or so that's how I understand it.

It's also an Arashi song.

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