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Talent is Like Electricity

¨...talent is like electricity. We don't understand electricity. We use it.¨

The first round of NYC Midnight Script Writing Challenge has passed. I beat the deadline. However, because my work was mediocre, it won't be enough to let me go through to the second round. The work was half-baked and was only written in one day -- despite being given seven full days to fulfill it.

To be fair, though, I was also working 9-10 hours a day for five of those days. One of my two days-off during round one were entirely dedicated to my driving exam. But, everyone knows, these are just excuses. 

What else is new? That's what happened to my undergraduate thesis. That's how it went during the first Graphic Novel and Short Story contest. And yeah, Tikbalang, too.

However, the primary reason why I joined the challenge was so I could jump start my writing. Having a deadline blowing on my neck seemed to be the most effective motivation. And it seems to have worked. 

I've been at it everyday since. I can't share the things I've written so far as most of them are still dough in the oven. Some of them are still in the mixing bowl, even. But I assure you, I have been writing. Hopefully, next week, I'd be able to post a final draft of a short story, so then I can cash in for the Anna Sui dress I've been jonesing. I am also in need of wardrobe revamp, and hence, I need to come out with enough shorts to pay it with. 

However, the more I focus on these little projects of mine to pay for my wardrobe, shoe collection, and my eventual trip to Hawaii when Arashi comes over for a concert -- the less time I have to write for the blog. Then again, I don't remember what this blog is for anymore.

Does it even matter what this blog is for? At this point, I'm not convinced that I have to be consistent in my blog. Maybe the more stories I write, the more I can tell you all about it, the more I can put on this blog. 

For now I go back to writing Karla's story; I go back to conceptualizing a music video; I go back to paneling Pinas Nite's [title pending] first chapter; I go back to revising my Rainbow series.

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