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Death of THIS Salesgirl (An Album Review)

Robin Yukiko's  Love War

A casual acquaintance asked me to blog about her new album. Curious about her sound, I accepted the challenge. She sent me a digital copy of the album in June of 2013. Wow! Half a year had passed. But, the latter half of my 2013 was one pile of shredded pride. I couldn't write anything at all. What more an album review, which was the least of my talents which was the only thing I know not how to do.  

So what did I do? What every fangirl does--I wallowed in her songs. For more than six months.

Robin Yukiko, you are a brilliant and fantastic minstrel. (Click here if you want to know more about Robin) 

How to Love Better by Robin Yukiko (Love War)

"I dreamed about you again this morning
and when I awoke I believed you were still in my bed
And you keep invading my dreams in the mornings
It's because you were never able to sever things"
(Friends, sounds familiar? It's been going on for 15 years. -DK)

LOVE WAR is that vicious cycle I found myself once (really, twice) upon a time in my life. Each song is a step that leads to nowhere. Wars are futile. Even that of love.
  • "Don't Wanna Wait" is that teen-age giddy feeling we all go through at the start of a romance. It's when we are blind to the signs of banality, or the time when we are deaf to reason.
Don't Wanna Wait by Robin Yukiko (Love War)
  • "Safety Net" is the stage when we just give our trust willingly. Even in the matter of life and death. Even if it will end up in death.
  • "Chronicles of a Kidney Thief" is that stage when you ask more from them whom you love, and they ask more from you. Hearts and kidneys. In the end, you ask yourself, was it worth it?
  • "Fix This (The Color)" is the epiphany that we're losing our identity while drowning in a dysfunctional relationship.
  • "Losing Orbit" is when we struggle to hold on, but we lose grip anyways.
  • "Feigning Empathy" is the betrayal we feel when we lose that grip.
  • "One & Two" is when we finally leave, but bring the bitterness with us and we start blaming the other. 
  • "How to Love Better" is when we tear ourselves in two. We think we're still in love. And maybe we are. But we also hurt from losing something in the process. So, we self-pity.
  • "Fool Who Left" is the relapse. We finally see that a relationship is about two people, and it not working is the fault of two people, not one. We admit to our faults, but point the other person's faults, too -- all in the hopes that we could get back together again.
Fool Who Left by Robin Yukiko (Love War)
  • "Ocean Floor" is when all bitterness have been consumed and discharged. We own up to our faults. We let go of theirs. Then we really move on.
  • "Death of a Salesgirl" is not exactly the end of our lives. There's hope, but we need mending. This is me, right now. Until I learn to trust again. Until I learn to love again. This is our PTSD.
There are very few musicians I'm in love with. There's Bjork; there's Utada; there's Bonnie Pink; There's Bôa (British band, not the Korean singer); now, there's Robin Yukiko.

I wish one day I can make a music video for all of them. (Yes, Robin, including you.) Gabriel Roland did a wonderful job with Robin's music videos--"Fool Who Left" MV was all sorts of Utada-Travelling-kind-of-fun . Had I met them earlier, I would have done everything to be in that music video. Overly-enthusiastic fangirl that I am.

I hope my friends and readers would listen to her, buy her albums, and pimp her music to other people. I know I did. I have both her albums now in my phone. I sometimes play it at the store. 

Robin songs are available in her YouTube channel and her official website.

I really am a salesgirl! LOL at that.

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