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Unannounced Hiatus

When was the last time I posted something? F*ck! Over a month ago. There goes my consistency new year's resolution.

To be fair, I have achieved so much during that one month hiatus. 

I was on the set for two Scary Cow projects, both now wrapped up and in their post production (I think). I am currently associate producer for a third, and probably a P.A. for another. 

I went to meet some local San Francisco Trekkies/Trekkers, and met three of the new crew -- John Cho, Simon Pegg, and Alice Eve (but that should be for another blog).

A friend from college visited. Took him to a day tour of San Francisco. Too bad, we could only take him to the regular touristy spots. Maybe next time we could bring him to some brewery or fun-non-touristy-places. Hopefully, by then, I'd have a car (Been saying this for the last 2 years -- still don't have a learner's permit).

I've gotten some additional work, but, still no benefits. That's ok. I'm in it for the extra cash. Still looking for a higher-paying-full-time-regular-hours-job though. I need my weekends for the shoots, and, asking for a switch everytime is getting too aggravating. 

Ze mudra has finally decided to come to SF/Bay Area. But, she still won't live with ze tanderkats. So while writing this update, I'm also looking for apartments on the net. If I could wake up earlier, I could go run for an hour, and then look at nearby apartments at the same time. But, alas, on that aspect, I haven't changed.

I haven't been online for so long, I don't know what else to say anymore. I miss Arashi terribly, but, I'm also sooooooo preoccupied by Doctor Who. 

This entry is dumb. But then Strange Waters is my personal journal. So walang basagan ng trip! (google it if you can't understand it mwahahahahaha)

But, I'm back. I'm getting my life back together. Getting that scheduling thing worked out. I'm not sticking Strange Waters to a schedule anymore, though. I think that only constricts my creative juices. I'll write whatever is on my mind, whenever. It is a personal journal. 

Also, I haven't finished the Diwata scripts, the KL saga (not one book), nor have I written anything I can sell for Scary Cow. 

Sheez ... I'm pathetic. I need more of Tan's cookies. 

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