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Writer Locked In

I wouldn't mind being locked-in in this Motel Room. 

I have this idea: I would rent a motel room for three days and two nights, and lock myself in, no wifi, no internet, no access to the world. No way for anybody to disturb me, no way for me to get distracted. Better yet, a cabin in the woods.

NanoWrimo has a Writers' Camp with the same concept, but, it's kinda pricy for a low income individual like me. Scary Cow is going to have it's own on April 19th, Writers Lock-In: for $20 , you'll get a space for you and your laptop, lunch, unlimited drinks (whatever your poison is), and counselling. 

At first, I thought about not going to this Writers Lock-In. I thought, I'd rather save the $20 for myself, buy myself 2-pairs of shoes or a pair of pants than spend it on that. But, after realizing I need to actually set aside time to write, I might as well go and do some productive writing. Granted, I have plenty of time writing blog entries, Twitter and Facebook statuses -- but you can never really say that's productive writing. I'm not a blogger. My blog is more like a diary. And I get to do more writing while riding the bus on my way home from work. Like what I'm doing at this very moment I'm writing this. 

But, being surrounded by people while you're writing is still kind of distracting, whether you're on the bus or you're in a room with other writers.

I need to lock myself in a room away from work, away from family, away from chores, away from thinking anything but my characters and my stories. But, it'll be expensive. Is it even worth it?

I used to be prolific. Where is that prolific me?

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