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Timing is Everything

Absolute Boyfriend, its image and it's characters
are owned by Watase Yu-sensei,.
Just borrowing for relevance.
Don't sue me, I don't have money. Srly flat broke.
Bad timing. This is one of my biggest insecurities. It's already embossed/impressed/etched in my mind that I have the worst timing in the entire human race. That's why I always tell people it's never too late for anything. It's to convince myself that it's never too late for me.

WRONG TIMING. It's how Filipinos would say it. It's how Uno says it in ElBi. After making Karla cry, Daryl will ask Uno what happened, and this will be Uno's response: "She caught me at a really bad time. Seriously, WRONG TIMING." 

But, how does one clearly know if it's the right time to ask one out on a date; or to kiss one on the lips; or to tell him you love him; or to ask for forgiveness for an offense you're not aware of? As far as I can tell, there is no timing for that. It's either you go for it, or you hold back.

In Karla's case, she'd been hanging out with Uno for over a year and they never really confirmed anything to each other. Eventually, Karla decides she has to move on because she thought it was one-sided. But, on the night she first kisses Mark -- two of her friends will tell her that Uno was finally trying to own up to his (whatever) feelings. In Karla's head, the thought that will run is: "eeeeeeeehhhhhhh ... I was just ... you know ... kissing this other guy here ... and then you tell me that he really wants to be a couple? What kind of timing is that?" (This could still change) 

Well, since, I'm bad at handling time and have really bad timing anyways, let me take this time (LOL) to tell everyone, ELBI WILL BE DELAYED once more. My reasons being: 

  1. Since it's a millieu piece, I would need to do a little research on the major events in Los Banos during the years that would be covered by the book. I have no intention of abandoning this story, but, to make it better, I would have to make the setting more accurate. It's the little thing I need to do, as compensation to the embellishments (the real) people would find in the book.
  2. I have signed up with Scary Cow, and that means less time to sit on my butt and stare at blank pages of word processors. I also want to finish a script for the next round of pitching, hoping that I could make a new movie before the fall of 2013.
  3. I will be taking the time for ElBi and re-allocate it in to (into?) finishing Call Center. I also believe that if Call Center comes out first, the interest in Karla will be heightened more so than if ElBi comes out first. It is primarily a Karla trilogy, and I need readers to pick up a desire to find out what was Karla's past. (LOL me and my trilogies). Call Center will keep it's deadline as I mentioned in my new year's resolution. More time to write it, more time to toughen my self up for when Karla finally sees Uno again. LOL WISH!

I have no idea why I'm revealing my plans like this. Do other writers do this? Am I not scared that people would steal my ideas? LOL I guess, not. That, or I've become very very stupid as I age. 

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