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Starving Artist Drama

That's what's in my wallet.
Being in an expensive city, one has to tighten the belt to survive. I get nosebleeds sticking to a tight budget, especially, when there's a shoe sale at the store next to where I work. I just bought another pair of flats for $10.00. To be fair, my one and only pair of flats, before this new one, was making my feet bleed already. I thought that justified the surprise expense.

On another hand, like every Filipino migrant, I also want to send a lot of stuff to my homies in the motherland. I still have Targrod's movie paraphernalia in an envelope, some stuff for a friend in Via Astris, and lots of things I want to send to my best friend back home. I also have two godsons which I have never given any money in my entire Ninang life. But, alas, having no full-time job, working at minimum wage, and having not enough hours, I can't be the generous one

Back at home, I'm not really one who can be generous either. I also have a strict budget. A lot more strict than the one I have here. Because to be honest, I can't even buy a liquid eyeliner there, much more shoes. I had this great expectation that once I'm here, I can pay back my debts, and I can send some gifts, and I can buy me some good looking shoes. 

I know, I know. I have screwed up priorities, because back then I can't give up my cigs. I've given that up now. But, from back then, to now, I can't give up my Arashi. 

With the introduction of Scary Cow, I can't deviate from my budget anymore. And then, there's Wells Fargo, who keep on charging me on stupid stuff, and I'm getting tired of disputing it.  I never got the $70 back, by the way, you liars! When I get a new job, I'm closing that account. Well, I can't really, I need to keep the credit card for my credit rating.

Well, here's to perduring the starving artists' life. Cheers! Cheers! (with my $5 bottle of wine that I will try to make last for five months -- it has been four months already).

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