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Prose, Script and Poetry

Because, I have been writing in script format for over 12 years, I no longer have the capacity to write in prose format. 

Of course that's a lie. Also, not an excuse. Blogging IS, by all means, written in prose form. And scripts are useless without the action blocks -- which are written in prose form. 

So what is keeping me from finishing -- even, at least -- a chapter in any of the books I'm supposedly writing right now? I cannot blame Arashi, anymore, for I have been slacking off in keeping myself updated in that area (yes, I'm a bad fangirl and Nino misses me.) I can't blame my being in Scary Cow, I just started.

It's a mystery, really. I started writing poetry when I was twelve (late bloomer iz me). From the age of five to eleven, I thought I'd be a painter. And then, one day, I just started writing and writing, and writing. I spent the whole summer before high school typing away and writing on a notebook; about students meeting for the first time, hanging out at the nearest McDonalds; with my classmates as my character pegs. From 12 to 15 years old, I thought I was going to be a novelist. 

My BFF gave me a literature folio from La Salle. Her brother used to study there, and she thought I'd enjoy it since I like reading. In one of those folios, one student's entry was a story about a priest and a girl getting raped and all the injustice in the world. The story isn't really important (mostly because I can't remember it anymore). IT -- being a screenplay -- made it important. I tried to make sense of what INT and EXT meant. I presumed it was Interior and Exterior, based on the action block descriptions (smart iz me). Then started writing my own. Every night until four am, while my mother slept behind me (we were living in a dorm room). Not long after, I finished my first screenplay. I wrote it for GMA's now defunct Sunday Telesine show, but with (then ABS-CBN star) Jolina Magdangal as the primary love interest. Jologs then, jologs now. 

Imagine that, we didn't have internet or internet cafes back then. No tutorials online or Wikipedia to help me understand the basics of screenplay writing. But, I finished that script. It was a complete, simple, love story. It had a beginning, a middle, and an end. It had three acts. It had all the steps, including the twists, the obstacles, and the complications. 

Granted, the writing could be better. But, what can you expect from an untrained 17-year-old's first screenplay? I should rewrite that. It still has potential: in UP Diliman, boring dude falls in love with riot grrl student rockstar engaged to a big time guitarist/music producer. There's more to it than that, I promise. 

I'm currently revising Anak ng Diwata (Diwata's Child); and, massive revisions, it's going through. At the same time, I want to finish the "Call Center" novel. However, my mind is more plagued by scenes for "ElBi" and for "Coffee Shop." Then, once in a while, I'm bombarded by ideas for "Crossplayer GF" and "FanGirlfriend." At the end of all of this, I also have this script I want to write for Scary Cow Writer's Group. 

I wish I had a on/off switch for each and every one of them ideas, so I can schedule when I can and cannot think about them.

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