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[Review] ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan

Ever since I moved here in the US, I have been devouring books like fish and chips. I tried keeping track of how many books I've read since 2011, but I suck at being consistent.

So, I thought I'd post a pic of every book I finish reading on facebook, with an accompanying short, but, not so sweet review on Swimming in Strange Waters. 

Though, of course, I know consistency is the key. Which really sucks, since, as I've said, I suck at that. I'm hoping this personal program would give me some kind of focus in writing as much as tracking my own growth.

I won't be writing a synopsis or summary. I hate doing that. I'm not here to give you a spoiler of the thing I'm reviewing. I'm here to just share my opinion and hopefully entice you to try the thing out, or discourage you from even picking it up.

And, so, without further ado, here's the first book of 2013.


I saw the movie in the theatres, years ago. I'm a big James McAvoy fan -- rather James McAvoy is an ex-husband from the Western Harem House (LOL). Because of the lingering feelings of that unbridled lust I used to have for him, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see him in the big screen. In retrospect, I think someone just gave me a free ticket.

Boon: the movie was so faithful, I could see them play in my head as I read them. Bane: I dreaded getting to the point where Briony gets Robbie in trouble (which is an understatement, I know). Reading up the characters' inner thoughts, though, made quite a difference. When I saw the movie before, I couldn't quite get the abrupt screaming James McAvoy did after giving the letter. Now, I know.

My strongest impression was -- "So this is how it feels to be reading something you've seen."

The best part for me was the second part and the third. I'm no World War 2 enthusiast, but we all know that the greatest stories come from that milieu. The way McEwan presented that moment in time, I cringed at the details. It's good cringe. It means I'm affected. I couldn't detach myself from the book. Probably because I'm so much like Briony in temperament and demeanor. We both thrive from Pride, and nosy know-it-all-ness. All the bomb and weapon details are lost to me, but the pain and bitterness all three characters were carrying, that I'm very familiar with.

Why did I read it?
Coz I'm gonna use it to make a point; to teach a stubborn old dog, not a new trick, but, basic discipline in writing and publishing. 

Would I read it again?
No. Going through Briony's head is a one time deal.

Would I read other books by the author?
Maybe. His other books' synopses sounds interesting. But, I've got a long list of books lined up for reading. So not in 2013.

Do I recommend it
Yes. It makes a lot of strong points to remember for writers, budding writers and just plain nosy people. 

Do I dare rate it with stars, pages, mangoes or onigiri? I'll pass this time. If people tell me to make a rating, I shall. So tell me what you think?

(Ambisyosang palaka lang -- akala mo madami nagbabasa ng blog niya hahahaha)

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