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Do I Need a Portfolio?

A shot I took of the Ocean Beach
using HTC One X without effects
on automatic white balance.
I just came from a music video shoot. Tonight was the third shooting day. I can't share pictures publicly, yet, but, if you're friends with me on Facebook, you could find some of the pictures I took from the last two shooting days I participated in, in my albums. 

I don't have much this time around. I think, I was promoted -- from Production Assistant to Production Assistant AND BTS Photographer. So, I was handed the official BTS camera and spent the whole night taking pictures of the shoot.

I know that I've always had an eye for composition. I suck at being technical, though, but I take damn good pictures and videos. I mix lighting with what I have -- "timpla," is my favorite word. I do everything with the so-called gut-feel, alone. I go with the flow and capture the image at the moment it presents itself to me. I trust my eye and let go of the rest.

However, as I am innately insecure, I never really made a big deal out of it. Of all my talents I have, I've boasted about this one the least.

The family used to have an SLR. Yes, an SLR, not a DSLR. Because film and having it developed cost a lot of money, I stopped using it. That, and having been accused of breaking it. Somehow, I never got to save those pictures.

I did a lot of composition exercises during my cinematography class days. They were mostly shots of candles and kids in the street. And while I love taking pictures of the sky from my apartment at Citihomes, it wasn't something you'd put in your portfolio.

When I got here, there were so many experiences and so many landscape to capture. Having a smart phone, recording was easy. 

I was handed the BTS camera on my second day of MV shoot. We were all taking turns on it. It was mostly the Production Manager's job, but since she was also taking care of the extras, she delegated the BTS to me. After reviewing my shots, the artist/producer emailed me, asking me to do BTS in the next shoots as well. 

All night, they were telling me how brilliant my shots were. The director said, "I don't know what you have, but just use it tonight, again." I wasn't quite sure what that meant. But, it flattered me a lot. The DoP told me that he thinks I'm selling myself short, and that I know more than what I've lead them to believe. He said about one of my shots: "It was like a magazine editorial spread." They said, the camera loves me -- doesn't matter if I'm in front or behind it.

Then, they said, "we'll give you a copy of the pictures once these are all done, so you can put it in your portfolio."

It lead me to thinking -- I don't have a portfolio, so, should I start one?

But, then, what am I going to do with this portfolio? What would it be for?

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