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60 Minutes

I've just given myselft a term. In 60minutes, I have to finish this blog entry. At the end of the given time frame, I will have to click the "PUBLISH" button. Just as we often heard while panicking at the end of our grade school exams, "finish or not finish, pass the papers."

I will ignore Sheldon's voice telling me that somebody has just mentioned me on Twitter -- "Tweet that twitty bird," right back at yah, Sheldon. If I do, I'd waste five minutes answering that tweet and reading back what other people have been tweeting about. Then, I'd be tempted to peek at my Plurk timeline, because, I most likely posted something Arashi related on Plurk and my body would want to flail. That's kinda automatic now. Another 20 minutes lost.

I will keep my hands from clicking on my YouTube tab. I was in the middle of watching  "How to Date an Otaku Girl" before I left for work, and Daito Shunsuke is calling me back. I will never finish writing if I do that. As of writing, 15minutes have already passed.

My objective is to be a little disciplined. It is not a secret that I've been slacking off. I always find some sad reason why not to write, or why not open a word processor at all (I just wasted 5minutes working on today's blog entry image, see my point?). The last time I've actually made an opus was 2008, for Tikbalang. I haven't written after that. Before that, it was Styrosnow (a.k.a. A Warm Alaska Night), over five years before Tikbalang. My Thesis doesn't count. It was a disaster. I blame my urgency to graduate. Lost a friend and a mentor, too, that way.

While commuting to work, I (currently) read "Atonement" by Ian McEwan. This book made me remember, I WAS Briony Tallis when I was twelve years old. I was her, even up to my early years in college. I couldn't stop writing. I had so much stories to tell, and people to give voices to.

Don't get me wrong. I still have stories to tell, and voices to personify. But the problem is, like any other skill -- writing needs practice. It's a craft. You need to perfect your craft. And, if you ain't doing it, then you ain't perfecting it.

Fifteen minutes left on my clock. 60minute daily writing will be one of my resolutions. Doesn't matter if it ain't new year yet. Resolutions need not be done in the beginning of the year. I (technically) quit smoking on February. That's a big improvement. I work out now; not as regular as I had hoped, but it's kinda hard to run in this cold weather, and gyms are just too expensive for me, for now; I won't give up my Arashi goodies for gym membership (sorry Sami). I do stretching, that's more regular. I EAT SALADS NOW! Ian would be proud. 

Along with the 60minute-daily-writing, I've scheduled my writing life as well. Tuesdays and Fridays will be dedicated to Jologs in the City. It needs some consistency to garner a following. Mondays and Thursdays for Swimming in Strange Waters or Arashi Anonymous (Livejournal). These two are personal blog, so I don't need to be consistent, they'll mostly be brain farts (like this one). And on my days off, I'll be spending most of the day writing those light novels. I've already picked a deadline for one of the books. I have to finish it by then, so I can have my closure. I won't tell when. I'll just surprise you then. 

Five minutes left. I'll use this to review what I've written and put in the links. Discipline. Consistency. Writing.

What do you know. I actually made it. 
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