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[Holidays] Thanksgiving 2012

Tonight is the eve of my 2nd American Thanksgiving.

In spirit of said American holiday, I shall say all my thanks here, because I have clinical attachment disorder, and, therefore automatically resists to say it in real life.

Please do not mistake this for my Oscar speech. I have something more gorgeous for that than this.

For the year 32nd year of being alive, I give my thanks to:
  1. My mother, for giving birth to me and raising me in the most incredulous fashion (I mean that in a good way);
  2. Papa, for not making me feel I'm a stranger's child, even on those short moments I was with him;
  3. My brothers, for they are my standards of masculinity, for however bitter I am with our contentions, they are still first and primarily my idols;
  4. Ian & Myna, for the unwavering support and patience through all, but not limited to, my bouts of insanity, swings to and fro hypomania and depression, and just plain maniacal submissions to Arashi and movie making;
  5. Arashi, for being my happy pill, and keeping me from continually cutting and burning myself;
  6. Mai and Duds, for listening throughout all of my rants, raves and oratorical monologues;
  7. To Sheryl and Ate Jo, for guiding me here in this strange land;
  8. My Tikbalang/Styrosnow crew, for getting me through the most disorganized shooting one can ever participate in (Bad Direk! Bad!);
  9. Tobie, Niki & Rocky, for keeping the fire of my ambition alive;
  10. Tania & Marge (and in a way, d'Benj), for fangirling;
  11. Yalies, for all the boob-grabbing;
  12. Ichiban Kan family, for making a strange person feel welcome in a strange country;
  13. Argente family, for taking in a stranger and gently adjusting to my resistance to love and guidance;
  14. DWSTD-Valerka, for continually practicing my composition and conceptualisation;
  15. Arashi fangirls, for keeping me updated to what's happening to the loves of my life; 
  16. Frank Herbert, for having all the words to guide me in my life.
  17. and, to my guardians, who have kept me safe from harm and abuse, ever since I had some form of control in my life.
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