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Eraserheads Fangirl Goo

Dear Virgo,
Here is your horoscope for
Sunday, March 7:
You thrive on activity, but today brings almost too much for you to handle! It's one of those days when you wish you were still in bed every few hours or so, but you can handle it all with a smile.

 Hehe -- With A Smile.  Get it?  Sadly, they did not perform this song.  But it was ok.  They did sing 2 out of the 3 of my faves -- Poor Man's Grave and Waiting For The Bus (Lightyears is the 3rd) -- and a whole bunch of songs -- all of which I still know (at least) 75% of the lyrics despite my bad memory.

   I missed the last gig before this.  I had to prioritize (tried to do somethings to get out of my own gig but movie making takes precedence)  I don't know how to express my feelings in words.  I'm at a lost -- and for a writer, I think that's sort of bad right?

Sheryl, Marcus, and me.
   I just came from the concert.  My friend Carlo told me he saw a different side of me.  I became a high school girl again.  Only Sheryl (pictured on the right with me and Marc) can say she's seen this side of me.

   I remember watching old clips of concerts -- Beatles, U2, etc -- and I see these girls crying their eyes out and/or collapsing in the middle of the performance.  I really never got why they were crying or collapsing.  I thought to myself "where they exagerating?  Overreacting?"  Told myself, I'll never be that when I go to a concert.  And I've been going to concerts since my high school days.

  But, I did cry.  Right in the first verse of Alapaap.  The tears just came and ruined my make-up.  Now I know how those girls feel.  Overwhelmed
   At least I didn't collapse.  A guy (yes a guy -- and one that I was calling a comrade all first set because they could identify each song by the first note) suddenly dropped right after the first set, he had to be brought to the first aid tent.  Hyperventilated, I think.  I hope he's ok now.  Comrade, I feel for you.

   For a moment, I missed being the non-geeky me.  Just for a moment.

   And now, with that Last Set, I melt into fangirl goo.

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