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[SG Adventure] The Club across the street.

In April, I went to Singapore for the first time. I really didn't have any business there, but IS & MS wanted to go for their birthday and I was lucky enough to be brought along. It was the first company trip I went to.

I'm a pretentious follower of art and culture. Luckily, the hotel MS is
a patron of, happens to be situated at the art district -- right beside Singapore Art Museum (SAM).

Across the street, is a club with purple graffiti facade and a modern art gallery on top of it.

The pic on the right is the said club in April. I was already impressed by the grafitti itself. If you look closely, it's a graffiti of robots and/or mecha in bubbegum pop anime style.

The detailing of the graffiti is highly astounding. It's not just graffiti, it's trully an artwork. The forms and lines are smooth, and the shading were just right.

Even though purple was a slightly conflicting color for its theme, the artist made it work.

I wasn't able to go to the SAM in April. I really wanted to, but I had no time. Come May, I was once again surprised to find out there's another trip to Singapore in June, and the flights have been booked. The only plan was to go to Universal Studios Singapore on a Wednesday and any other day I can do whatever I pleased.

On our second trip to Singapore, MS chose the same hotel in the arts and culture district. When we arrived, the image on the right was what greeted me in the bar across the street.

The graffiti has been replaced.

Which made my second SG trip all the more interesting.
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