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Hannelore Complex

If you follow Questionable Content, you'd know wo Hannelore is.  If you don't know, click the link and start reading.
So the picture right beside this is my Vanity table.  Unnie MT posted her vanity/work table on Plurk & I got envious as I couldn't do much in my vanity table.  So one day, I went crazy and cleaned up the Vanity table, the bed-side table, my office/work table & my bathroom.  Scrubbed it shinning clean.  Just the way Hannelore would do it...

Laundry is finished as well -- well, untill next week.  Ironing is the same.  I broke my PC speakers while doing the laundry yesterday.  Washing the dishes -- *sigh* -- though, reluctantly, I do it to avoid jeepers creepers to accumulate.  I have no patience to deal with developing eco system.  So might as well prevent it all together.

The picture on the right is my mini office.  It doesn't look like that anymore.  So many stuff on the table again -- hence, I'm using my dinning table to write on again.

Dust accumulates fast in this apartment.  Feels like only seconds after wiping with a wet cloth & dust is covering the surface already.  That's the only thing I hate about this apartment.

The floor is still unfinished.  I hope to attend to that soon. 

At least Krown looks better now ... or so I think...

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