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Sahara Mizu's MY GIRL manga is currently my fave manga.  It started with the announcement of Aiba Masaki's () first lead role drama. 

When I read the manga, I saw an old story, I wrote, in it.  I'll tell more about it in a different blog post.

In this pagem the main character, Masamune-kun, reflects on his belief that he's most unlucky on the month of July.  It's his birthday month. 

I felt a certain connection. 

August is almost done. Last 3 days of the month.


For the past 4 years, August has been unlucky for me.  I guess I coudln't say it's unlucky.  I just royally screw up on this month.

2006 -- my mom left for the U.S.  Although, I'm a very independent person, sometimes I need my mommy, too.

2007 -- i cheated on my girlfriend ... twice, with 2 different guys.  Not to mention, I was hospitalized for ameobiasis on this month.  I don't like hospitals, and when I get hospitalized, am trully in pain or my friends are already in a panic.  As for the cheating, It's really not cheating per se, as the agreement was I can fool around, she can fool around, as long as we tell each other afterwards & that we're very careful.  Or at least that's what I thought the agreement was.  It was all good, actually, especially, when I told her.  I was more depressed about the fact that I was in pain for my illness & she picked that right time not to visit me.  Now, this is an example of why I hate relationships.  Ayoko umaasa.  I thought being in a relationship means being each other's strength or source of strength for times like this.  Duds was there, Mai was there. Heck, even Shin & Beany & Pax were there (more circumstantial though).  I'll never get this commitment thing right.

2008 -- my girlfriend officially broke up with me through text.  Though it was over by March and I REALIZED it was over on the day of our anniversary ... I lost my location for shooting and I couldn't get an actor for my short film.  I recovered by September, after a few injuries.

2009 -- My closest cousin
, my kababata, died.  I wasn't able to talk to him before he died coz i completely shut down.  And he was buried the day of my [real] birthday.

I'm currently booting up.  It takes a while -- my ram is just 256.  I dunno whom to say "please be patient" to, so whoever needs it, please take my apologies.

See, even my thoughts are all fragmented.  I'll have to degfrag my mind from here on.  I hope I don't encounter any errors.  And I hope it defragment successfully.

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