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"I Am a Snob, Not Only in Fact, But on Principle"

Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin
"Sometimes people who get all upset about your opinion and call you a 'snob' just disagree with you -- but they can't articulate their opinion as well as you to explain why. It makes them feel stupid."
-- Devi on Jason

Multiplex is one of my favorite Web comics -- along with Theatre Hopper and Joe Loves Crappy Movies. Because it's all about movies -- and everyone who knows me, knows film is my first love. Other than that, Jason, one of the lead characters, is a Filipino and the resident Multiplex movie snob critique who happens to sound a tad like me.  Hence, I like him.  Though I have to admit, his level of knowledge and taste in movies are something I doubt I would ever reach.

So when I read Devi's line about Jason, a swarm of flashbacks in metric montage like images hit me in the head.  Yes, I have been into countless arguments about movies, TV, anime and basically almost every form of literature.  And these, I enjoy fairly well.

I'm not as eloquent or articulate as Jason.  How much I want to become as eloquent and articulate as he is, is beyond any gauge or ruler available in the market.  And yet, I still find myself in Jason's shoes.  Why is that?

It's not because I am a snob.  So, go figure why.  However, I will admit, "I am a Snob, Not Only in Fact, But on Principle"1

1. by George Bernard Shaw

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