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[PUB'D] TGIS vs Tabing Ilog

This is one of the most superficial things I have ever written.  But hey it got me to the first Teen Advisory Boards search finals.  Or at least the interview stage.
WARNING:  It’s a futile article.  :P

A few years back, T.G.I.S. premiered in Philippine television and changed the viewing habits of the intricately massive population of our generation.The so-called GEN-Y.I was on my third year high school, and so were Joax, Kiko, Mickey, J.M., Peachy, Cristina, and Michelle in the said popular Saturday afternoon television show.We were practically batch mates, until they Grew Up and the story time line jumped a number of years forward.
Today, T.G.I.S. is no longer dominating the Saturday afternoon television hours, nor on a Monday primetime.GMA no longer play series seemingly “Melrose Place” story line.Although, another set of teenagers occupy their place as Gen-Y representatives, Tabing Ilog,
I remember those times so perfectly well.For almost everyday I daydream being a member of the group, dancing in clubs with Mickey and J.M., racing with Joaquin, exchanging gossips and make-up tips with Michelle and Cris, and hanging out in Peachy’s house (the designated tambayan).I was greatly influenced by this set of Gen-Y representatives.I was skipping classes to go to band concerts and go malling.I was hanging out with my bestfreind (also a T.G.I.S. fanatic) at the Malate circle trying our luck to meet boys, hoping to find our own version of a love-sick Joaquin.But I found out later that life is not always like that.I realized that not every youth can ride brand new cars, go to clubs every weekend or go on a yacht trip and get stranded in a deserted island.Not all youth live in a city.
I found out that I’m just like any suburban youth trying hard to be something else.
Nowadays, teen television shows focus on the life of suburban teens, which actually compose 90% of the youth population of the Philippines.Tabing Ilog is the most popular example of these shows.It may sound like a rip-off of Dawson’s Creek, but it has an entirely different story line that actually relates to 90% of the youth population of this country.
For the fulfillment of my college education I was sent to Los Baños, Laguna.At first I was a little proud being a city girl.And then I realized that these teens and schoolmates from all over the Philippines, mostly provinces, had more fun than I had.They knew trends and things that I didn’t, expressions that I never heard, and a lifestyle without discos, clubs and malls.I found a new kind of life, more serene yet still inevitably fashionable.
I learned how to play different kind of games, RPG, video games, sparring and even the simple traditional sungka.I learned how to appreciate videos and cable even if I got used to watching at Mall Cinemas.I found out that there were more than Voltest V and Sailormoon in Japanime, that it’s more than just cartoons, it’s an art and 90% of the youth loves watching it more than any five year old child.And they don’t just watch it on GMA or ABS or AXN, they watch the original Japanese dubbed-English subtitled.
I found out that there’s more drinks than just Margarita, there’s also Gagi and Ginacolite.I found out that life can be fun and cool, without putting on make-up and dresses and nail-polish, because I can hike and trek and appreciate nature in my own way.
And this I want to share to everybody, not just with the remaining 10%, but with the whole 100% youth of my generation through Seventeen.With the T.G.I.S. kids and with the TABING ILOG kids.
I spend time with a lot of this youth.I soar in Laguna; I take a vacation in Cavite with my cousins; I walk along Batanggas beach with my local friends; I joyride with my friends to their hometown in Pampangga, Pangasinan, and even Ilocos.90% of Luzon’s youth live in these places.90% of this youth relies on media and publication to know what’s happening to the 10% living in Manila.Seventeen is a big help for these kids.
I’m confident enough that I can relate to both sides of the river.And I know that both side needs to know the existence of one another.

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